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Friday, 15 March 2013


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Very interesting, I shall have to read some 'Dr Garbage'.

I don't know if I mentioned it but periodically, being on a nurses salary and having expensive tastes (having a penchant for eating every day not to mention fine cigars, whiskey and the occasional flower of womanhood who doesn't run screaming on seeing me - tone deaf, short-sighted, ladies without taste are so rare nowadays) and vindictive creditors (who insist against all good sense that I 'pay my bills' - utter madness!), I have taken on additional work, Up until a couple of years ago this included working as an agency 'Social Service Environmental Inspection and Maintenance Operative' (a council dust-bin man) - the highest qualified too, apparently not many Phd holders do? (Being 'tight' I see it as both earning me some pennies whilst giving me the kind of workout that would cost me thousands in a gym. It is also 'educational' - who knew the Vicar could use that many prophylactics in a fortnight, not to mention how many whips he goes through?)

Not surprisingly, just as in Noo-Yawk, bin-man (amazing how the feminists don't line up chanting for equality in the field isn't it?) is both a lucrative and rewarding career 'if you get taken on by the council' (family connections are required since nepotism is rife. It is not unusual, check out your local council departments and see the family 'fiefdoms' widespread throughout all areas).

In my experience the council 'workers' very rarely go out on the wagons, and when they do it is in a 'supervisory' capacity, preferring to sit in 'the office' (pub, bookies, home) - a wagon is funded and staffed for the job (a driver and minimum three loaders) but in actuality a driver and one, or possibly if you're lucky, two agency workers run the service - wonder where the staff are?

Oh, and retiring "half pay and full benefits after a mere 22 years service!" may not occur, but we're not far behind believe me!

Funny that, but once or twice since I retired I thought that I wouldn't mind being a dustman. I'm not sure but I think they're private contractors down here. I say that because they seem to move with treble the speed of the old ones and the crews are much smaller.

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