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Monday, 18 March 2013


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"How long before they back up their monstrous demands with tanks?"

Oh Goody! Goodness Goody!

Your 'Challenger' assemblyline I understand is something like your 'ships of the line' assembly?

Reckon your MoD might pay the transport costs for shipping the few functioning of our Abrams back from Aghanistan (via Kazachstan - at some modest profit) so it can be your war-weary public which receives the credit for finally cindering the EU?

I'd hate to see Frau Merkel purchasing T-80s.

I´m glad you liked, and listened to the end in spite of the french accent !

Manent is one of the leading french political philosophers and has mainly devoted himself to study what exactly is what we call 'the political'.

He sees an evolution of regimes: city, empire, church and nation, being the last one the cradle of our present day concepts of liberty and democracy.

In that way, he sees the goal of the EU smarty pants as an effort to trascend the nation and build a post national society based on the ideology of universal humanitarism. The consequence results to be precisely the loss of the political itself and the substitution of political acts by words. Hence the so called Political Correctness. There are also material consequences, of course.

A good resume (it is mainly the prologue of his latest book) here.

Thanks, Ortega, I have saved that link for later today. It never ceases to amaze me that so many intellectuals cannot give up on 'The Big Idea'. Slow-moving, natural, sociological evolution is not good enough for them, they must have an all-embracing 'Big Idea' which will transcend all others - and naturally those associated with this 'Big Idea' will rise to the top with it! They tried Communism and Fascism, and now they are trying supra-nationalism before they begin the push to global governance. They gaze forever into the future of *possibilities* and never look back to the past of *realities*!

Please. No jokes - I've heard 'em all. There was a time I attended a college in Harrison Arkansas but I didn't wish to live in the largish town - what to do? (Should any ya'll click the embedded link).!input.action?resultMode=0&companyName=&address1=&address2=&city=Dogpatch&state=AR&urbanCode=&postalCode=&zip=

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