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Sunday, 03 March 2013


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Glad to here the missus is getting better. If she is supervising, I'm the results will be much better


The John Cornwell article is a rehash of a single unattributed article in the Italian press by a person who does not cover the Vatican. Which is the sort of thing one expects from Cornwell.

He has long been supporting a program that is about the opposite of what B XVI's vision of the church, often using the lefty tactics you commonly highlight.

The retirement of a person who can't walk for long without help and is down to three hours of work a day does not need much additional explanation.

John Allen, Vatican reporter for the lefty National Catholic Reporter Comments

As a rule of thumb, one should usually take unsourced speculation with a grain of salt, especially in the Italian papers. As I'm fond of saying, God love 'em, Italians have never seen a conspiracy theory they're not prepared to believe


No, Benedict didn't quit under the pressure of a "gay lobby." But the perceived disarray in the Vatican, which may well be one part perception and one part reality, probably made resignation look even better.

And on the lighter side
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

On nurses being angels of mercy.
A good friend lives in Winchester, opposite the bus stop which serves two major state services: the local General Hospital, and Her Majesty's Prison, Winchester. When he moved there over thirty years ago, the buses would disgorge large numbers of ladies destined for both establishments. The nurses were "nice gels", demure and well-spoken with a sense of public modesty. They all wore thick tights and flat shoes. The prisoners' wives and girlfriends were, of course, as rough as badgers. All smoked, swore imaginatively, and dressed like hookers. Some even had tattoos.
The funny thing is, these days, you can no longer tell them apart. They all look like robbers molls, and you wouldn't want them anywhere near you, let alone providing care.

David, if you want a punt on who the next Pope will be Paddy Power has Richard Dawkins at 666 to 1.


I resemble that description! I do not, have never, and will never "look like (a) robbers moll". Whilst 'flat shoes' have always been the order of the day (although I favour high leg combat boots myself, with matching 'box' and/or kevlar vest A&E being what it is. Heels on a 6' 5" male seem both a little superfluous and 'weird' to me, call me old-fashioned if you will) I have never partaken of 'thick tights' either (well except for that one fancy dress Christmas party when appearing as Batman seemed a good idea post 16 pre party drinks).

Oh, and having started in the days of those allegedly "demure" "Nice gels" I can tell you it was a front - hardened trooper that I was, I was still regularly shocked, embarrassed and confused (having to look up many a word and phrase. I still, many years later, don't think most of what those 'demure' ladies discussed was possible either anatomically or choreographically let alone legally or morally. And I've met sailors who'd blush at the language and ask them to 'tone it down a little').

Hank, as I indicated, I think it will be a considerable time before the ultra-secretive Vatican lets slip what is going on. However, the first *proper* resignation by a Pope is an extra-ordinary event whatever the reason. Sorry, but I do not believe it was simply a matter of old age. I'll check your links later.

Kevin, your witticism cracked me up - and helped shake down a gargantuan Sunday lunch from my favourite pub.

'W' and Able, I suspect that nurses, like just about every other work group, simply reflect the changes in society over time, nearly always for the worst - or is that just a jaundiced old man moaning - quick, nursie, fetch the meds!

Ah, Whyaxe, that reminds me of a Cambridge codger who remarked, apropos admission interviews, "The applicants no longer have the interests of educated people".

Oi, Duffers, are your French lassies starring in a serial, or is it a series of separate stories?

Not just a serial, DM, but a series of serials! I think the current one is Part IV. This particular one started (I think) 4 weeks ago and, as usual on the Sat night BBC4 they always run two episodes so you need to try and get back to Episode one if you can - I believe there is some 'techie-thingie that allows you to do it up to a certain time. You will find it tricky to pick up to begin with but just watch those two fine French fillies and you will gradually absorb the sundry plots.

Come to think of it, the whole bloomin' lot may be out on a DVD somewhere.

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