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Sunday, 17 March 2013


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What ho, Duffers, here's something that might interest you.

Yes, DM, there are a couple of big articles on Afghanistan in this week's 'Speccie' which I'm planning to read this afternoon unless, of course, from the depths of my armchair I rise up to the Seventh Level of Inner Awareness which the 'Memsahib', in her ignorance, calls 'snoozing'!

If you are willing to bear with a (very strong) french accent, I think that you would like it (very much).

That German article was a good find, Duffers. How did you come across it?

Damned if I can remember! I have a file entitled 'Blog Feeder' into which I place any odd-ball articles that I might return to when I have the time but who pointed me to that one I do not know - sorry.

Ortega, sorry, your comment last night was dumped in the Spam Box by TypePad! However, I have rescued it and I am up to the 40 minute mark on your link which is very interesting - although slightly hard going given his strong French accent. Even so, what he says seems to me to be exactly right. I shall post on the subject later when I have heard the whole thing. Muchas gracias!

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