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Sunday, 24 March 2013


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Just my "opinion" David - but I think Obama did America the greatest of goods in taking Kerry outta the Senate where he could meddle in my life. And because I couldn't exercise suffrage in Massachusetts, I didn't have any say in the matter.

Better Kerry be running around meddling in the Middle East than meddling in the US Senate.

Typical, JK, as your many wives no doubt told you, self, self, self, that's all you worry about! What about the rest of us? We didn't ask for him! He's yours, we'll even take back Piers Morgan in return!

Oh no to Piers - unless he runs for Congress'n gets elected.

Serves you right. We're inundated with Mssrs Blair, Brown, and other sundry wonks it seems everyday on our TVs. (And anyways, since I've lobbied apparently successfully to get Kerry outta the country, I'm thinking I'll next be setting my sights on getting Mr. Morgan appointed Ambassador to Great Britain!)

If that happens, JK, then expect an instant declaration of war between our two Morgan-hating countries!

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