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Monday, 04 March 2013


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All UKIP needs to is to become THE Engish party.

If I might extend the question - in the circumstances what is the use of ANY political party? The Tories have a tradition of 'lets find an even bigger bastard' to kick some life into the 'party'. Usual technique is some kind of back stabbing. But I don't think a 'bigger bastard' will do any good, it is as if the UK and other western juggernauts have fallen apart en route. Kicking it will do no good, a competent spanners person seems more appropriate. Even a competent repair crew will need to fix up all the bodges, patches and neglect of years and this will take a while. Probably the repaired juggernauts will not look much like the old ones anyway.

That leaves Millibean and UKIP. Millibean will try a quick respray and some tyre paint. As for UKIP, well would you hand your juggernaut over to folk who don't even know what a spanner (or yield-curve) is?

So, IMHO we need a major clear-out of parliament and downsize it. Hard wooden benches and no heating. Rename the government "Repair Crew" with a Chief Mechanic in charge, a bloody great wrecking truck (aka Bank) and a competent crew. Soft-handed ponces whose can only polish green leather and lunch with lobbyists are no use - unless they have 10 years+ business experience and a 2.1 or better degree (any degree). The rest, take a chainsaw to them. Good try Hitchens but not radical enough.

Gentlemen, in your usual witty style you both touch upon some rather profound matters which I will ponder upon and perhaps raise in a separate post.

Perhaps, with Roger's rant in mind, you need to write a piece on persuading turkeys to vote for Christmas!

Sorry about the rant. After a lie down in a darkened room I remembered that since Cicero and before politics has always been a grubby and unsatisfactory business.

I suppose we can expect no better from a parliament that evolved from monarchy - delusions of grandeur etc. Interestingly the Americans started from a more businesslike basis - but look how that has evolved. The fault lies in our human natures I reckon.

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