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Sunday, 10 March 2013


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I take huge (well OK medium size) offence at your (mis)use of Rock Apes for those green-hatted, marching hand-in-hand, 'navy-ish' types. As a former Royal Air Force Regiment member (2 Sqdn 2 Flt) I demand satisfaction Sir (my seconds will be calling at your abode anon).

I always felt that parachute qualification was seen more as a character and esprit de corp matter rather than a tactical one. Whilst there have been no "large-scale parachute operation" for quite a while there have been a number of more 'clandestine' uses over the years. And since when have we actually had any 'large' units anymore? (My unit was para qualified as a means of securing an area for Harrier to 'park' whilst dealing with those Russkis - yes, I am that old).

Mostly I am glad that I managed (for two weeks) to spend some time assisting new members of Para gain their wings by ..... kicking some terrified oiks out of a balloon. It was so much fun!

Yes, Able, I have been reminded before that the RAF Regiment cling, for some obscure reason, to the title of 'Rock Apes' but back in my day, you know, pre-historic, it was reserved for the Marines.

As I understand it, the idea is to have a company-sized group to be constantly para-trained which makes sense given that such operations are likely to be small-scale tactical in support of special forces, like the op in Sierra Leone.

Balloon jumps - God how I hated them, the height sensation was re-enforced.

Ah yes - the Special Forces. They recruit from the Army and to get the required quality, need a large pool to fish in. But the Plonker in charge is busy draining the pool. That's the trouble with unintended circumstances - they are unintended.

Do they still have that sweep stake going for anyone who can get an erection in the balloon cage on their first jump? Must be worth a few quid by now. I heard it was 20 grand a few years back.


Jesus Fucking Christ!

I dint know whoo you or Able but over here weve got cans that go up whe hit. Uncle "JK" said he could do i6t with the one - the one being a 30.06 at 400 yards.

He got the can to go in 4 shots. A peeps on a 16X4 plywood at the 4th no scope he ust made the shot than told me report " on thes siet"

Uncle "JK" used a 1917 Springfield with a "marine Corps Sit" 30.06, I domt think he coud what he doid

Forgive my nephew - it was just as described, had I been anywhere else, I wouldn't feel so "happy" as ya'll read this. I did fire a US Marine 1917 in 30.06 - but it was meters - a WWI sniper rifle, of course I wasn't getting shot back at.

Paras Forever!!!

"an erection in the balloon cage on their first jump"!

Well, I can say with absolute certainty that I didn't win it. At that moment, as I recall, the only interest I had in that area of my body was triple-checking that my goolies were well clear of the crutch straps!


I always figured I would become parachute qualifded when they figured out how to safely drop an M-60 or M-1 tank.

Give the Para's some same equipment the Lancers have and keep going.

Good Grief, Hank, you wouldn't get me inside one of those tin cans for all the tea in China!

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