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Thursday, 25 April 2013


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One "rabble-rouser" to another David - when attempting to insert a little rabble onto a site containing a PC Filter use our common language to advantage.

For example, 'over-here' many if not most use the word "reign" when they should've used "rein" - if you wish to insert a nigger into the intercourse use the very handy "g" (gnaw) - of course true loonies won't spot it out very quickly so you may have to wait until one of them denigrates your "mistake" at which point you let 'em in on the secret.

It ain't Hillbilly properly speaking - but 'techie-speaking' - close enough.

Remember David, in this modern world of our's - Spel-Chek is our friend.

Courtesy of that nice Mister Gates.

Thanks, JK, but in this particular case it was better to write 'n****r' because then everybody knows exactly what the word is and feels foolish for not daring spell it out.

I always liked these aspects of Marx's writing when I studied him at university. The Marxists there thought of him as being infallible, but he believed in phrenology as an exact science, and repeatedly said that black people could never have revolutionary potential because as a race they were insufficiently advanced. Most of the books of Marx's writings were, in those days, printed in the Soviet Union. The Russkies sold them dirt cheap because they thought, presumably, that flogging them to us would hasten the revolution; and the students bought them 'cos it was cheaper than the capitalist publishing houses. In these editions, the racist bits were missed out, funnily enough!

The best Marxists are still Groucho, Chico & Harpo.

'W', the irony in his writings selling well because they were cheap is too, too delicious!

Spot on, Andra!

Some ex Marxist lefty nigerians in this capitalist world seem to be doing well now. Although I concede it must pray on their conscience. Aye.

Conscience? What conscience?

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