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Saturday, 13 April 2013


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Just to let you know that I bought the Tory song! Imagine the uproar amongst the great unwashed if it comes out higher! Worth 79p any day. In fact I see it as a new of gauging public opinion. You could price the tracks in question at £50, thus eliminating the great unwashed.

I admire your attitude, DD. The whole thing just pisses me off. Regardless of one's position on the political spectrum, what kind of a country are we that people take delight in the death of an elderly lady?

Your comment about North Korea made me laugh, though!

Only 79p, BOE! Good value for money, she would have approved!

Yes, 'W', it mildly pisses me off, too, as bad behaviour and ill manners always do but rather the freedom to be oafish towards politicians than not.

Talking of the decline of the rags, we have just cancelled our regular order for the weekend edition of the FT. Its writing has declined to something like the stuff in Time magazine of 1964 - earnest, intellectually frivolous, predictable, grey. I dare say it's some marketing man's idea of what its American readership will enjoy. About fifty years wrong, I'd say.

Though come to think of it, the NYT carries the same sort of dreary stuff it did fifty years ago.

Stick to D&N, that's my advice, DM, either that or G&T!

Well. A song, Thatcher, the fight against government spending ... I think it makes sense to bring this great old song up. It harks back to our own days, under FDR, and the WPA, or Works Progress Administration, the government agency that employed people to do ... Well, nothing at all. Here's the song. Enjoy.

Nice one, Dom.

A corker!

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