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Saturday, 13 April 2013


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I live in a jersey suburb of Philadelphia, where this happened. Surprisingly, even the local papers don't have much to say.

Interesting that once these babies are born, they acquire a whole battery of inviolable rights and are showered with welfare help from the people who consider them fair game while still in the womb.

What a huge "blind spot" the ancient Greeks had with all that lofty talk about freedom and democracy,while failing to note that their society was based on slavery. Our blind spot is far worse.

I could write reams on the hypocrisy inherent in the abortion system in this country.

Have a wiki at the rates in this country and the 'medical rationale' given for the procedures - 'emotional distress and suffering of the woman' (imagine just how much that definition is stretched to fit as required). With, out of over 185000 abortions a year, less than 3000 for probable disability or actual medical risk. The easy (and free) availability of prophylactic and early 'treatment' as well as diagnosis (again free) should preclude any but the most unusual circumstances ever demanding such a procedure. (The lobbyists campaign on the infinitesimally rare examples, so as to allow open access in any circumstance)

In this country over 85% of 'procedures' take place in the first trimester. The rest in the second. Have a look at the development of a foetus to see what that means.

Abortion is unique in that it is the 'only' instance in which a nurse can legally and professional 'refuse' to be involved in the 'care' of a patient in 'need'. I'd suggest this illustrates just how even the legal/professional bodies recognise how 'debatable' the procedure is. And yes, as a student I witnessed such a procedure, have refused to do so since, and still have nightmares from it.

The issue raised, for me at least, here is that whilst the alleged 'medical and nursing professionals' - and wouldn't Dr Mengele be so proud - are, rightly, facing murder charges for the mass infanticide, what about the 'so called' professionals who turned a blind eye? (Your patient is >30 weeks pregnant and then a week later..isn't, no concerns? Assuming they didn't refer/arrange the appointment as well)

Then the 60 million dollar question. What about the 'ladies' who actively sought out these 'people', paid for this to be done to their own child, all so that they could return to work/still have a social life/because of money issues/just didn't want it? I ask because here the abortion clinics are filled with ladies who choose to do this, many are repeat visitors having chosen to use it as a means of prophylaxis. They are insulated and protected from any understanding of what actually occurs - because they want to be. (What's the betting that a number of these 'ladies' will be lining up for compensation too in the near future)

Go to any clinic in this country and at times you will, in the sluice, see a bucket with a 10-17cm long foetus in it. So, whilst extreme these 'things' (even animals would not do such a thing) were, and are, not alone.

I despair at times for my species, but what do I know, I'm male so my opinion is biased, irrelevant and just plain wrong whatever I think. Women, the caring gender - give me a break!

As for the accused? I'll volunteer to give them 'the snip' - I think I have a pair of sufficiently blunt/rusty scissors somewhere.

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