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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


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You mean the John Lewis the US Congressman?

Well, I never.

Might check out Malcolm's post "Whoops!"

Yes, David, why exactly are you using someone else's credit card?

And if you don't know who John Lewis is,

Wait 'til John Lewis hears about this.
Boy, are you in trouble. Impersonating a US Congressman.
Next stop Guantanamo.
Take your sarong, the weather's good there this time of year.

Yes. Take your sarong.

However you might be well advised to cut off your long-johns somewhat - probably just the lowers.

You'd likely prefer (I'm a reckoning) something approximating a buffer zone! Might even want to go with insulated long-johns - Long John Silver's reputed to reside 'pert near Guantanamo.

Thank you all for your support and sympathy, er, it was support and sympathy, wasn't it?

Anyway, all is sorted and my near terminal grumpiness has subsided. Incidentally, and for the benefit of my overseas readers, the John Lewis Partnership is rather a 'Good News' company that owns a chain of department stores and the Waitrose supermarket chain as well. It is considered to be somewhat 'up-market' because its products are nearly always of a very high standard - and therefore not cheap! However, what is interesting about it is that it is a co-operative in which the staff are in effect shareholders of the company and bonuses are paid according to the profits.

We both use their credit card for **everything** because, as I mentioned above, they send out discount vouchers every so often. Their cc business is slightly irritating from time to time because they have a tendency to refuse payment to any entity which seems very different from one's normal practice. As I say, irritating when it happens but it gives one confidence in their security. Anyway, one phone call and they put the matter right instantly. Last night, as usual!, I leapt to conclusions and blamed TypePad - mea culpa!

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