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Monday, 08 April 2013


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I completely agree. Whatever one thinks of her policies, she demonstrated that for Britain, leadership is all about reversing the decline - and it can be done. Compare and contrast with the thing we are lumbered with now.

She was the last great English leader.

"and it can be done", exactly so, AK.

'OR' (if I may trim your wings!), you have written what looks like an interesting story? fable? forecast? whatever over at your place which I have saved for later reading. In the meantime, welcome to D&N.

"... leadership is all about reversing the decline - and it can be done."

I'm just curious - is that likely with all those "Etonites"?I don't see a hint of authenticity from here.

(Side note - I just got off a conference call - somebody who'll remain nameless said):

"[I] wish I was as certain of anything as she was of everything."

Sorry about you being doubled up, JK, obviously a glitch with TypePad but I hope I have tidied up sufficiently.

They, by which I mean Cameron, actually, are known as 'Old Etonians' or 'OEs' for short. Osborne went to St. Paul's School, so that makes him an 'Old Pauline' - yeeeees, quite! Clegg went to two different public schools (that's 'private' schools in American!) the last being Westminster School.

As for your friend on the 'phone, 'Maggie' had her doubts but rarely if ever showed them in public - the sign of great leaders through the ages.

Very fine post, DD. I get the clear sense that you feel it deeply, yet see it clearly. Thank you.

It seems like the end of an era, doesn't it? Yet you are right about the possibilities of the future.

The end of the beginning of an era.

I wonder how she would have read Hayek and Friedman into todays situation? State spending out of control as it was in 1979 (today the state doesn't do coal mining, car manufacturing, steel manufacturing, telecoms, gas, electricity and water but still spends the same percentage of GDP as in 1979 when she took over; makes you appreciate the massive and inexorable decline in productivity of the state), but inflation at 3% today compared to 20+% in 1979.

Hayek and Friedman are clear: cut public spending by 20% as before, but this time crank up the printing presses and get inflation to 10% for 5 years to inflate the debt away and devalue to gain competitiveness; growth will do the rest. Fiscal austerity, but with financial Abenomics.

It's the last throw of the Tory dice - or else it's Miliballs for the foreseeable.


Thanks, 'W'.

'SoD', I have some thoughts on Miliband's chances which I will post about later.

Thatcher stopped the bullying in the workplace by lefties. She made ballots legal and stopped the old cardboard box trick used by the Commies. (stuffing the boxes with unused ballots)

Exactly right, Jimmy.

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