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Thursday, 18 April 2013


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I don't want to draw attention away from the post on Wilson, but may I make a few comments on Jefferson?

You're referring to the famous DNA study, by Dr. Foster. Very misunderstood. DNA testing can not pinpoint a father, it can only say that we can not reject the hypothesis that so-and-so is the father. Here is the author trying to undo the confusion: " ... there is nothing in ... [our] DNA study that itself would lead ... [us] to suspect Thomas Jefferson as the father versus Randolph [Jefferson] or his sons." Case closed.

Concerning Jefferson as a slave owner: He was born into that, and he always considered it a curse more than anything. The original Declaration quite clearly shows him screaming that slavery has destroyed everyone, slave and owner alike.

Dom, I don't know enough about Jefferson to be very definite but I gain the impression that given his status and the era in which he lived he was as anti-slavery as could be - and his own 'slaves', as I understand it, were not treated in any way as the 'slave' entails. As for his possible/probably 'naughties' on the side, well, it happens to us all!

May I be of assistance?

Hope that helps David.

A link is provided of some 600+ letters written by Jefferson over a period of 60+ years. Perhaps a more insightful knowledge can be drawn. To know someone is to read their writings.

Happy `?` reading.... `snicker snicker`.

1) Jefferson didn't write the Constitution, thank goodness, being away in Paris shagging Black Sal.

2) Do stop all the special pleading about Jefferson's character: it's an embarrassment.

P.S. Of course Wilson was ghastly, but he wasn't a Founding Father so you can get off with describing his ghastliness without being accused of lack of patriotism. FDR was another shit of the first water; it's harder to get off with being frank about him. The Democrat presidents of the 20th century were a conspicuously bad lot, save for Truman and Carter.

"Regular readers will already know that any mention of early American history almost always produces a swift snarl from my e-pal, 'Dearieme' ('DM'), aimed at the unfortunate head of the late President Thomas Jefferson."

Well don't say I didn't warn you!

Calm down, 'DM', he's been dead for nearly 200 years! I didn't say that he wrote the Constitution, only that he was a party to it. Now, try telling me why you dislike him so much and, given my self-confessed ignorance, I might even agree with you.

As for Truman and Carter, I might have been prepared to give the former the benefit of the doubt until I read of his failure to grip 'Mad Max' MacArthur which created a disaster in Korea. As for the latter, one can only describe his short-lived presidency as insipid, except, of course, when it came to creating numerous 'Big Government' entities which plague the Republic to this day.

Anyway, I am pleased to see that your animus extends beyond poor old Jefferson!

Too David, you know the history of "Liberia"?

Heh heh heh. Good ol' Wikipedia. Good ol' fashioned Republican values:

"Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky (now LaRue County). His family attended a Separate Baptists church, which had strict moral standards and opposed amateur actors, alcohol, dancing, and slavery."

(I wonder if there's a "Separate Baptists" church around here - belay that alcohol?


My Grandmother told us that in the 1916 election she supported Wilson because "He kept us out of the war" Less than two months into his new term we declared war on Germany. After she was old enough and that woman's suffrage thing happened she never voted for a Democrat.

Of course Wilson invaded the Dominican Republic Haiti Nicaragua and Mexico (twice.) I suspect that it is not coincidence that just 15 or so years earlier the United States had been poetically exhorted to:

Take up the White man's burden
Fight the savage wars of peace.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

The only thing my grandmother told me was how to play Solo.

"opposed amateur actors"!!!!! The poor man was obviously very badly brought up because instead of watching amateur actors in later life he went to see the pros at work - and guess what happened!

Hank, what an A1 humbug the man was!

BOE, I heard it was poker she taught you!

'Uppers', apologies but bloody-bloody TypePad dumped you in the Spam Box and I have only just discovered you. Thanks for the link which I have saved. I intend to publish the odd one from time to time just to make DM's day!

(And this morning I discover they did the same thing to this one, too!)

Admit it DD, those `roller derby` girls in Cali like to tease.

They do, 'Uppers', they do and I love it!

Jonah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism" makes it thoroughly clear that Woodrow Wilson's "War Socialism" was far more heavy handed and oppressive than anything Mussolini got up to.
Also Wilson was something of a hectoring moralist ( of a type which students of the Left Wing species often come across)

When he introduced his "Fourteen Points" after WW1, the French leader Clemenceau remarked
"Le Bon Dieu n'avait que Dix"

Gee, thanks, Edward, yet another book I must buy and which will add to the tottering pile of 'waiting to be read' books already threatening my life and limbs!

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