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Thursday, 11 April 2013


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"Sorta" on-topic - an' onlys cause I dint notice you commenting David:

And since we're on Science below the waistline:

"At over 90 miles per hour, he had his penis out [the window]... he was masturbating..."

He might have been perfectly safe doing this, but only if he was exceptionally favoured in Darwinian terms.

Either way, the man has more testosterone than is really necessary.

Priceless, JK, don't know how I missed that one. By the by, I trust you and yours avoided the worst effects of that storm.

the man has more testosterone than is really necessary - and nowhere near enough brains for anything!

JK, just found your second comment in my Spam Box - bloody TypePad! - but all I can say is - too much information!

Bunch of houses left Arkansas headed in the general direction of Mississippi. But those houses were located (originally) some few miles east of me. Some farmers to the west reported their chickens were "plucked featherless by the winds and one jackass was missing" (I don't know whether the press meant to report a local politician used the storm as a convenient excuse to abscond or if another owner of livestock was gonna be unable to get in the Spring planting).

As for "me'n mine" we live up high on the plateau and largely missed the curious ways the winds funnel through the nooks and crannys blowing through the more, er, irregular parts of the Ozarks.

But thank you for asking David.

Glad to hear it, JK.

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