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Thursday, 11 April 2013


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I had wondered where all the left-wing bloggers hid - only having found one or two worth the 'favourites'. I had hopes when I boshed on your link to D Ostler, but they were not fulfilled. I may return to check his onward links, but not very hopeful. So, it is true, the Rightists have all the good tunes, you may pull his arms and legs off whenever you please.

Yes, Roger, back 6,7,8 years ago there were some good leftie sites where you could have a good ding-dong without things getting too rough - although I did find myself being banned from several. But today - where have they all gone? And even if you find one you discover the Comment Columns over-run with mouth-breathers.

I agree with the comments. Finding lefties who aren't deluded is too much like hard work.

The Guardian "Comment is Free" has massively deteriorated due to the new "nesting" format of the comments, but there are still a few thoughtful contributors there if you are prepared to wade through the dross. I think we are passing through a period where tribalism eclipses debate.

"evaporated as Marxism has"

Indeed it has - and partly thanks to the great lady herself.

We will not see her like again.


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