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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


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Actually our local UKIP candidate is the only one who isn't a "a mouth-foaming loony" (and incidentally the only one who after meeting I didn't have the urge for a full body/mind disinfection). So, standing to attention and saluting in my usual immaculate manner, 'Yes, Sir' (I'll just put myself on Jankers then shall I, for 'looking like a shower of..., again'?)

Oh, as an aside, that wasn't really your "Senior-Officer-Addressing-the Troops voice" was it? It sounded more like a constipated six-former reading a script their mum wrote.... Oh! Yes!... As you were.

(and from my perspective it's not a 'protest vote', or to 'send a message', it's voting on policies that actually reflect my opinions - Europe, Immigration, Smoking ban, etc.)

So David SIR!!!, I expect you're up to answering er, as it happens your question.

Right you are Gov.

Well done, young Arthur, and here's a shilling for your troubles!

And just when were you ever a senior officer?
Did you read a book or take lessons, mayhaps see a programme on the telly. Senior officer my arse!

Dammit, Ma'am, I once played Col. Vershinin in Three Sisters!

I've to take up for my (eldrer barely) Corporal Duff Andra.

He's pissed off both the CIA and the Poobahs Iran - CIA you understand took it upon and did stuff and then Corporal Duff "firing within fails to hit whether target - amongnst it" fails to hit even that.

I'm given to understand some of those "nice young guys of Libya" did the Duff on McCain - And here we are, A Duff No Fly Zone and where we go from here ...

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