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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


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"particularly when virtually the entire media is against you"

I'm not sure this is relevant, at least to those not already 'on the left'. From my reading, and friends/acquaintances expressed opinions, 'the media' as such has already 'shot its bolt'. It is already widely seen as biased, corrupt, ideologically led and simply outright liars.

Did the proclamations from Pravda affect beliefs/actions in communist Russia? Perhaps, but only those of the sections either already supporting the regime or those without strong views (or experiences to cause the development of such). They certainly, and possibly applicable, weren't seen as 'honest' by those in other countries.

And it's not just the media where there is this recognition (here too, but much more widespread and openly expressed in the US) but education too - 'The K12 explosion' as an example.

I still feel that secession is unlikely mainly because those with the most reason to consider it are also those who view the concept of 'The United States of America' worth saving, fighting and dying for. If a situation arose where 'the left' faced similar pressures? Then they (similar to our own leftist anti-colonial, pro-European super-state mercenary ideologues) would literally jump at the chance.

I wouldn't be too quick to discount the power of the media. Most 'ordinary folk' in America do not consider their papers and TV to be similar in any way to Pravda, hence Obama's stunning victory.

I agree that the internet is having an effect but people will tend to follow what they are sympathetic to and that just re-enforces their opinions.

Duffers, could you have a word with your young bloggy lady friends? Your "comments" are taking an age to open.

I have just picked up your comment above, DM, at 13.02 and I have checked various of my 'comment' threads and they all seem to be working OK. Is it your end, dare I ask? Anyway, I may not be able to speak to my Californian chicks because they tend to spend the lunch breaks roller-skating up and down the promenade - or that's how I like to imagine them!

Seriously, let me know if the fault continues.

Up to ten years ago my main source of information was printed copies of The American Spectator which arrived once a month, the rest of the media being quite beyond my reach. But now I can not only read and watch the main media, I can also, if so minded, follow the regional news.

You realize David, you owe me a debt of sorts - I'm of the opinion that prior to my coming around to twiggle your inputs, you paid far far too much attention to the "media capitals." For instance, until my arrival, the only thing you seemed to know about Arkansas in general, middle America in particular (I know that clause likely seems odd but I think you know precisely what I mean, perhaps Able) was it was the region HillBilly, er, "arose" from.

Able makes an astute observation - I think the MSM's "power" is way overhyped/accepted by too many, especially by the Right! The powers in DC better get a grip on that in my opinion 'fact' else they keep the high regard for their own opinions as to what is "best" for us in the red states. Able's point can perhaps be easiest illustrated by what happened during the most recent cycle in Missouri.

Recall the "frenzy" Todd Akin managed to stir up - not in Missouri itself, rather in Washington DC?

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