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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


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The problem is that by the time they had got themselves set up in Somerset (where is it?), we would have a new government. Can you really imagine Ed Millibund in a porn movie?

Do you know, BOE, you're rapidly turning into a spoil-sport. I was just getting, er, you know, all worked up at the thought of making a zillion and starring in a movie and then you mentioned 'Edenoidal Ed'. Flaccid ain't the word!

I'm still trying to remember what this 'S.E.X' thing you mentioned is, thanks for rubbing that in! (metaphorically speaking, we all know what 'those' people from Thespia are like, but I'm sure the Memsahib wouldn't stand for any of that from you - now get back to your cooking/cleaning/ironing).

I was just checking on the limits of your imagination!

Able - yes, darling!

BOE, let me put it this way, my imagination exceeds my performance by an immeasurable distance!

Canberra, Australia, is the porn centre here.
It is also the centre of government for the country.
You do the maths.

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