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Sunday, 07 April 2013


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Thanks for the link to Mark Steyn, always worth a look.

Personally, I think the homosexuals are going to live to regret what is happening. They have invited the State into their personal affairs. The State is now going to take a close interest in what they are up to. They should have remembered that "there is no situation a government cannot make worse!"

Might be worth watching the Jap's "Abenomics". It's the only fiscal / financial combo that hasn't been tried: massive counter-cyclical fiscal expansion to increase demand combined with helicopter drop printing to devalue and inflate debt away.

Like Downing Street, you better pray it doesn't work, or even appear to work, cos if it does, the Tories and Lib Dems are history for the foreseeable future and we're in for Miliballs for the remainder of out natural lives.


Allegedly Elgar as a schoolboy was asked 'what do you want to be when you grow up' - answer 'Sir Edward Elgar'.

Hardly think the Japs will take on the Chinese, world has moved on from 1930s and anyway the Japanese will soon be lumbered with eyewatering debts - and who has got all the money? Very much doubt Japan's fiscal/finacial policy will work.

Little children should be seen and not heard - I don't give much for Anne Barnes' chances of re-election, mind you first time round was always the dollops' chance.

Thanks for the link, Lawrence, as you indicate, it will be an interesting experiment to follow.

Roger, the film mentioned Elgar's burning desire for 'baubles' to help him leave his lower middle class background behind him. Sad, really.

I'm not suggesting the Japs will 'take on' the Chinese just that, as I gather, there is an increasing movement towards extreme Right-wing militancy rising again in Japan. One of their ministers, for instance, refuses to accept that the Nanking massacre ever took place! With people like that in charge who knows where it will end!

As for 'Youf' crime commissioners, the whole idea is dafter than a daft thing!

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