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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


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I'm of the opinion that even if the dire predicament you describe were to occur, that is, the illegals obtain the franchise - Arizona is the one, possibly North Carolina that might flip. But for different reasons.

The presence of the then enfranchised "immigrants" in Arizona - and the proximity of North Carolina to Washington DC.

I'm not sure whether it's the immigration of so many that is the problem or, as here, the total abandonment of any requirement to integrate. Semantics? Nit-picking? Probably but offering an option if it was ever allowed.

Again as here, the supposed equivalency (if not superiority) of the immigrants culture, the prioritising of the immigrants every want over the resident population, the favouritism in application of rules, regulations and even laws (whilst portraying the image of the opposite to the immigrants themselves), all intentionally applied by 'the left' as a means of undermining the 'native culture'. All lead to a division between native and immigrant 'communities' which increases the immigrants inclination to demand more and to vote in lock-step (for those who promise just that).

Remove those and 'the melting pot' would distribute the immigrants widely across the political spectrum (as the native population already is). It won't happen though, so allowing such numbers citizenship will, I believe, only lead to major turmoil.

It is exceedingly difficult to forecast the effects of mass immigration and especially so in the USA. The Hispanic influx is the one catching the headlines because so much of it is illegal from across the Mexican border. However, I believe the rate of Asian immigration is quietly mounting and what effect that will have is tricky to work out. However, one thing is certain, the old Anglo-Saxon, or if you prefer, the Protestant, North European America we all thought we knew is fast disappearing and it will be fascinating to see if the institutions of the former stand up to the test from the incomers!

An example of how the US is disintegrating.

Essentially, Obama is paying out 1.33 billion dollars to his favorite groups.


Essentially, Obama is paying out 1.33 billion dollars to his favorite groups.

Ol' JK isn't arguing against your premise - matter of fact it's very likely true. Problem with pointing toward Obama being the mainest culprit is - every Congress Critter in the US of A is in on the scam. Thing is though - the Republican members of Congress (from the so-called "bread-basket states") manage to, as is said, bring home the bacon [pork] - the most prominent example is probably, ethanol production.

(Ethanol as a gasoline/petrol ingredient - if it was for drinking I'd never've accepted remuneration for doing research a few years ago, for the GAO).

Koch Industries (HQ-Wichita Kansas) for example, can hardly be described as one of "Obama's favorite groups."

Here're two handy links for basic research:!input.action

Admittedly I did not read your link Dom - it's just that USDA stuff has become something of a "specialty" for me.

You're right of course. But please read or scan the link. It's pretty eye opening.

Apologies Dom for not replying sooner.

I was aware of the "original suit" but had not kept up with it. I figured it'd turn out as, apparently, it has. And then, again pretty much, as expected, "Every Good Boy Deserves Favor" the aggrieved parties expanded. At least demographically anyway.

Don't know you're familiar with just how many pies USDA has it's fingers in - but it's actually a very large number. One would "naturally think" all the pies would have something to do with Agriculture - not so.

In my own county of residence the State of Arkansas came in and condemned our jail on account of 'elf 'n safety issues. "We" don't have the tax base to support even grading the gravel roads so, what to do?

Apply for a grant from the US Department of Agriculture.

To the tune of $2.5 million bucks as it turns out. Construction of our new jail is expected to be completed in July.

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