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Friday, 12 April 2013


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Because tomorrow is another day.

Sorry, just can't help it sometimes.

I suppose chess is an analogy for old-time warfare - the real struggle between families of top-dogs with pawns chucked in for fun. That style seems to have gone out after WW1 but the fault lines persisted till 1945. Post that time there have been no more 'families' to have family squabbles - if some Duke gets shot - who cares. Nowadays the 'families' are the oligarchs, the press barons, the bankers, folk who see shooting wars as a gross waste of money. On the other hand Pentagon boondoggles are a handy boost to the US economy but the Brits just don't seem to have got the hang of that one.

You overlook the Falklands War. In fact, added to the First Gulf War, it suggests that the only wars we can win are wars to expel shits who invade other people. When we perform the role of the shits, we get beaten.

As always, Andrew, my commenters are an education! I had to Google that phrase to find the song which some how, in some way, passed me by - I was probably drunk at the time.

Indeed, Roger, and also one senses the drag-anchor reluctance of people, especially those living in a democracy, to even entertain the idea of war in foreign, faraway places.

DM, yes, mea culpa, I had reached the bottom of the stairs when I suddenly remembered the Falklands but I couldn't be arsed to walk back up again. That war had some terrific advantages: we were far more formidable than the enemy, the 'narrative' might not have gone down globally but it certainly gripped the British, it didn't last very long and finally there was no internal political settlement to be reached with the people of the Falklands. They don't come much easier than that - and nor do they come very often!

"'SoD', please take note and remember it's my birthday next month!"

Thought to myself, "Reckon David'd be able to figure out how to get the whole kit 'n kaboodle?" Guess what conclusion I came to.

And the cold war. Ironic of course, it being a war won by means other than warfare, by and large, and wherever there were campaigns within it that were "hot", the protagonists lost (Vietnam, Afghanistan).

Boney got the first taste of what was coming in the Peninsular.

But I think the pols have finally got the hang of it now. Syria might prove to be the place they put the learning of 200 years into action.

A shithole of a place out of the way. Russia, Europe, America, Saudi Arabia, everywhere in fact, can give their Sunni and Shia islamist nutters tickets to ride on planes, trains and automobiles, with a bonus RPG grenade and clip of AK rounds as a farewell gift, and send them to a furnace to exterminate themselves. While they're doing it they won't be blowing themselves up on the London Underground or flying planes into our tall buildings; all those "sleeper cells" sucked out of us by their own hatred.

We can test out and perfect our weapons by supplying both sides knowing there are none of our boots on the ground - the Russkies can iron out the propellant storage and firing mechanism issues in their tanks, for example - without worrying about young Ivan getting scorched.

No need for one side to be allowed to win too quickly, either. If the Russkies and Iranians backing Assad start getting the upper hand they can ease off a little, likewise the West backing the rebels. Bring to the boil vigorously, and allow to boil dry, but don't let it boil over. Give it a century or two to suck out all the poison from the world.

After a fair few generations, when eventually the Islamic world, like the Christian world in the wars of religion a few centuries ago, realizes it's not much fun indoctrinating your youth and sending them to slaughter foreigners and each other, and the last Rambo-like al-Qaeda super-warrior stands triumphant in the dust bowl that will be Syria, one of our Predator drone snipers can fire the finale missile that brings the curtain down.

And not even a grenadier's bones to pay.


Jk, are all these links to documents that make 'War and Peace' look like a paper-back part of your plan to stop me Boring for Britain?

'SoD', you're a cynic before your time. Can't think where you got it from!

Say's 64 pages total - however, 23 pages are citations & footnotes. So make it 41. Just the last link is what you get for your ... what izit, your 95th?

Tell me, Duffers, how did you fox the Times paywall and get that link for us?

Only 41 pages, JK, what have I done to upset you?! And don't make jokes about my 95th - I might live that long and just think how high the pile of 'Nonsense' will have reached!

DM, via the always excellent good offices of

Normally, I am meticulous in linking to my sources so I don't know why I missed it yesterday - probably too busy ploughing through JK's version of 'War and Peace'!

"Upset me"?

Here I was thinking your whole aim in life was to be a burden on "SoD" - and now I find I've been (thank you AnnaRaccoon without you ...) I wouldn't have realized how thoroughly me as an Arkie has been abused.

You got an address David for whatever the UK Agency is where I can file my complaint against you?

(Just saying, but I just got handed a letter *hand*delivered from my USPS [which I'm informed is about to go broke] return -in part- addressed: 2 Highcroft Gardens, London NW11 0LX - which is telling me to 'Hop the next plane to Heathrow, Duff'll pick you up and get you to (smudged) 'Downing' ort'er. There's also something mentioning Westminster (whatever the hell that is - bearing a "ZAS001945-54100737") which I don't know what's what.

I've never been anyplace other than sub-bases where good whiskey generally turns up. But this is not Spam rather Air-Mailed.

Got any fix on where 'Highcroft Gardens' is? Apparently I've been "invited" to a funeral.

David? You did mention you've a birthday soon?

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