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Thursday, 30 May 2013


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Well, they did vote for her.

In the 1946 Argentinians voted to leave the First World by electing Peron whose policies were what in Britain we'd call Old Labour - nationalisation, power to the unions, talking sentimental crap about the workers, and plenty of corruption.

She presumably is in that tradition.

Yes (sigh!), I suppose you're right, Decnine - oh, and welcome to D&N, by the way.

A bit, DM, like we did after WWII until 'that woman' came along and gave us some freedom back - as, in a way, she did for Argentina by showing up Galtieri for the drunken oaf he was.

She does talk a good story and people are in general gullible. Let us hope the British Army do not have to trash the lives of any more young Argies for her ego.

Agreed, Jimmy, but never under-estimate the stupidity of your average dictator.

The Argentines have a long record of always voting for the worst of the two or three alternatives offered at election time, with one or two possible and short-lived exceptions. So no surprises, really. And the elites have a long (and frankly justified) track record of whisking their money out of the country and stashing it where it's safe from the government, hence chronic under-investment. Hard to see a solution any time soon, I fear.

Indeed, 'H', what's good for the peasants is not good enough for the rulers.

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