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Friday, 03 May 2013


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Well done, you chaps, er, and you chapettes, of course! I issued my orders a few days ago and I'm proud to say that all of you did as you were bloody well told to do which was get fell in in single rank, tallest on the right, shortest on the left, and march in an orderly body to the nearest polling station - and vote UKIP.

Uhm, I guess David you'll not be minding "us" CIA guys turning your electricity off area as we reckon Somerset duty and confrontation querouling Hamlet, Coriolanus or UKIP?

As best us'ns can do To Hell With Querolus Potus!

"They ended up in seventh place with a derisory 352 votes which was less than the BNP and two independents."

Such a delicious start to the day that one. Good old Cleggy - I hope they keep him on and don't spoil the fun by booting him out. Mind you, trying to select another Lib Dem leader could be a hoot too.

JK, you've either stayed up too late or got up too early!

AK, and if memory serves, Clegg's constituency is in Sheffield - dare one dream?

"trying to select another Lib Dem leader could be a hoot too": do you suppose they'll wait until the Huhnster is available?

Don't worry about this little affair.
Rush over the ditch to France and get in the line to buy the wine. Not as good as the Aussie stuff but you're sure to pick up a few quaffable bottles for your cellar.
Save me a nice chardy.


A Chicago suggestion.

I understand you have Graveyards going back hundreds of years, perhaps to the time of the doomsday book.

That should provide enough votes to elect a good candidate.: -)

Thanks for the good news.

DM, that would be like the Lib-Dems chaining themselves to a block of concrete and hurling themselves off a cross-channel ferry. So not all bad, then!

Chardy?! For you, darling Andra? Certainly not, only the very finest vintage champagne.

Dammit, Hank, why didn't I think of that, I have an entire graveyard of bodies outside my front door!

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