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Monday, 06 May 2013


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What reckless bastrads they all were.

'Arrogant' is more the word I would use, DM.

Der Spiegel is interesting as you say, but I wonder. The assumptions made are quite broad. They assume that Moores Law will continue when already we are seeing a slowing due to the limits of current miniturisation of chips (until and unless a new technology can be developed). Then the assumption that 'free market capitalism' has in fact ever been allowed, anywhere.

I suspect that more is being made of this evolution in the use of technology precisely because it is now affecting - their own areas, friends and class.

Just as with the industrialisation of manual labour based jobs these middle class/white collar workers are now wondering what will happen to their particular buggy whip expertise. But just as with the manual labourers the jobs actually increased - they just went elsewhere (the jobs created in Asia far outnumber any losses in the west, and who's fault is it they didn't stay here?).

As for the new technology of driverless cars, self-service check-outs and ATMs - I'm just waiting/hoping for the first computerised politician - now there's an area ripe for some job losses.

A "computerised politician"! At least you could switch the bugger off!

Even so, on a day when a working pistol is produced by a 3-d computer machine, you have to wonder.

Never mind Othello, go and see Don Carlo at Covent Garden.

You'll continue your classical music education in the best possible way, it's getting rave reviews, and you'll have a great evening.

I've got the DVD and I can promise you it's brillant.

Thanks, Andrew, but alas, somehow, in some way, opera just doesn't do it for me. As a theatrical experience it is too slow moving and subtlety goes by the board. Of course, I like the great arias but more and more as I get older I positively dislike the pitch or tone of most sopranos. I'm a lost opera cause, I'm afraid.

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