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Sunday, 05 May 2013


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I'm not sure whether he's smarter or dumber than your normal run-of-the-mill president but I seem to remember a White House staffer, on leaving, pointing out the fact that he surrounds himself with, and only with, sycophants and yes men. So when he comes up with some completely moronic ideas - there's no-one to point out that salient, small but vital detail to him.

As to the idiocy of some voters - the council elections here make me wish (yet again) there was some manner of 'voter qualification' in place (like the ability to tie shoelaces or pour piss from a boot - either would reduce the voters here by a substantial amount I suspect).

Just to show there's a Pratchett quote for all eventualities:

“What kind of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from, say, the average voter.”
― Terry Pratchett

Yes, I despair of the electorate, especially when they fail to do what I forecast confidently that they would do!

I can see why Americans were inclined to take a punt on Obama in preference to the lamentable McCain - it's preferring Obama to Romney that's the puzzle.

I think GOP 'stoopidity' helped. The long-drawn-out selection process in which everyone and his uncle slagged off everyone else on prime-time TV for a year certainly did not help 'the last man standing'! I know it's democracy and all that but they need to cut the procedure down to a couple of months.

The media did a number on Romney. First there was the secret video that Carter's grandson made, showing Romney asserting a perfectly innocent remark about the (rather high) percentage of the population that would never listen to him. For reasons I don't understand, this turned out to be a disaster.

Then there was the whole "tax return" fiasco. The media demanded to see Romney's returns, to prove that he was super rich (which he is) and never paid a fair share on taxes. Turned out he paid every last cent. But wouldn't you know it ... this just proved what a hypocrite he was.

Alas, Dom, your media is simply the 'agitprop' arm of the Democrat party. Even so, I do think the process whereby a GOP nominee is chosen should be shortened. They were tearing chunks out of each other for a year.

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