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Thursday, 23 May 2013


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I don't think you should go around lending 3 Para to all and sundry. We might need ourselves!

Why do the Powers that be bother lying about such things?

Chap goes into a chemist's shop in Sweden.
"May I have an a deodorant, please?"
"No, it's for my armpits."

If I am a policeperson and somebody waves a machete at me, I will shoot them.
That's if I have a gun, of course. And I will refuse to be a policeperson unless I can have a gun.

Had thought it was a new form of Longboat Toasting. But no, the Yerdie govt brings in oodles of the poor and afflicted and looks like real nice folks - prizes and back-slapping all round. But dumps them in working class neigbourhoods and ignores them (cheaper that way). Then surprise surprise, it all kicks off.

So, don't do it at all? - looks bad, house them next door to politicians? - oh dear me no. Spend a fortune educating them - here is the rub - the world price for human beings on the left side of the ability curve has plummeted with no sign of recovery - uncomfortable implications. So toast a few cars, do a bit of terror, takes MSM's mind off the real problem.

Worthy of my Monday Funnies slot, DM, I can praise it no higher!

I don't know why, Andra, but somehow the knowledge that you do not possess a gun makes me less anxious!

An excellent summary, Roger, as always.

Excuse me, sir. I am a very, very responsible old biddy, and quite worthy of a gun.
On second thoughts, nah!
Better not.

I sold my rifle and gave up my licence decades ago. I regret it now, though I admit that a pistol would be handier.

Well, Andra, I have it on good authority that after the fourth 'Chardy' you are fairly accurate!

Crikey, DM, I wouldn't fancy coming across you in a temper armed with a fly swat let alone a rifle!

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