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Saturday, 25 May 2013


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Oh Dear.

You'd asked David, what're hillbillies look like with the humididities so awful - and I'd replied, more or less, We changes 'em!

Now I does and I doesn't but from what I can ken from the aboves pictured lady, that's definitely not a hillbilly's ear-string black 'n dangling (tho' that upright pointing north of her south pointing dangley gives me a single, maybe a single and a half second pause) I'm guessing her shingly to be two palmfuls comfort.

Tell you what David - I'll give you heck, all of the US of A'll give you ten months with Nancy Pelosi's dangly - and ... providing she'll bathe to my specifications, ... I'll be willing to slip the surly bonds of Earth keenoodling ers!

(I sometimes wonder whether Farmer George & the Continental Congress were of sound mind when I compare ya'lls females to ours - ya'lls look (sort of) Mayfair and ours, Hustler.)

I hesitate only because of Andra (hopefully she's off cavorting or whatever they call it in Queensland) anyways David, this lady should get you off those anorexics:


(Mayfair type.)

JK, ......ah right!

I thought the previous Speaker, the inarticulate and unintelligible Mick Martin was appalling enough, but the Bercows really take the biscuit. How low has the 'mother of parliaments' fallen if these buffoons were chosen as representatives of the Commons.

I know it's not right and not clever, but I must say I have felt a certain amount of schadenfreude at Sally the Alley's twitter downfall. Truly, the only 'clever' thing I can think that Dave said was 'too many tweets make a twat'.

I'm not entirely sure I understand what JK is saying, but get the idea that he may 'fancy' La Bercow. If that is so, he may like to look at another nice 'photo of our 'fragrant and demure' Slack Sal :

It shows her in a more typical pose I submit.

Paul, from time to time no-one here understands JK. It's not his fault but he lives deep them-thar hills in Arkansas and when the wind is in the wrong direction it blows the fumes from the local still down to him. Andra and I have told him but he says it's just too damned hot to sit on the veranda chewin' baccy whilst wearing his ex-navy gas-mask - apart from the difficulty of spitting out the baccy!

My wife and I recently had visitors from the Netherlands, long time friends we met camping in the 90's, but that's another story. During our conversations, the story of Sally arose and we explained what had happened. With great amusement we had to tell them that the emphasis in her surname was on the 'B' and not the 'c'.

Hello, Penseivat, and welcome to D&N. I'm not sure your Dutch friends weren't in the right!

Big cow? Not really.

OH, alright then, Louise, 'biggish'!

You could always edit her in photoshop though ;-)

You over-estimate me, Louise, I have difficulty *taking* a photograph let alone photo-shopping one!

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