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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


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Remember, Cameron is Blair's heir. Blair took over the Labour party, dumped clause 4, instituted a Goebbels type media management putsch, and with a spavined press and BBC found himself returned three times with huge majorities. Remember also that a typical socialist tribal voter will happily vote in a Vietnamese pig as long as it wears a red rosette, and bingo!
Cameron clearly thought he could follow the formula: ditch Conservative principles, turn the cabinet into an old pals club and home and dry. The problem is that Conservative voters are different and UKIP is no Social-Democrat groupuscle. Should have gone to Specsavers!

Thanks, Arthur, an excellent summary but, alas, I'm about ready to vote for a Vietnamese pig and I don't care what rosette it wears!

You missed a couple quite large groups he does't like. Smokers - about 25% and drinkers - about 99%.

So at least he has the non-smoking AA types on side!

I forgot to mention the people who like to chase foxes and tear them to pieces. Didn't he promise a free vote on the hunting ban? Plus there is my Auntie Phyllis who thinks his forehead is too big....... These numbers are really adding up!

Second last sentence .... "Is the Tory party so supine and pathetic etc" - my reply .... "Probably."

As you will have no doubt noted, I have given up on the Conservatives. Of course Dave and his pals will get through their stage managed autumn conference - they just bring in a load of clapping seals to try and fool the tribal voters that all is well. Long gone are the days when there was any connection between the political masters and the hoi poloi!

I hope I am wrong and that that the Etonian cabal are shown their cards, but I very much doubt it.

Vote UKIP and vote UKIP often!

I remember the routine punch-ups on Eton Bridge: Windsor Boys School vs. Eton. Then in sixth form they made me a prefect, and I had to go and break up the fights. Never did mind, we used to watch and place bets.

I wonder if I ever bet on Dave? And they had this chubby, blond, rosy cheeked kid who was a bit tasty, used to call it "Wiff-waff", if I remember rightly ...


Well, Paul, we have just discussed who to vote for at the next general election and I'm afraid I will have to vote Tory because that is the best chance to get a referendum.

And there was me, 'SoD', thinking you were hard at work swotting for your exams!

Had much to talk about during his 3 day visit with the Obama's. Even accompanying Obama to Ohio. Swapping strategies?

Oh, God help us!!!

David, you talk about the possibility of a revolution in France.
After today's events in London I think the next revolution might be a lot closer than that.
Bad times are coming I fear.

No chance, Andra. It's a bit like the blitz, after 20 years of Paddies blowing us up, and now sundry wogs doing the same, we are 'case hardened'. Those two yesterday were obviously brain-dead loonies on a level with some of the English loonies who set fire to their houses and kill six of their children. It's life, or perhaps, it's death!

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