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Sunday, 19 May 2013


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Re the American Civil War, one of the better single volume histories is The Battle Cry of Freedom by, iirc, McPherson. An excellent book on an excellent war.

Thanks, 'H', I'll bear that one inmind if Keegan proves a disappointment. And by the way, 'where's you bin lately'?!

I've been here - just too depressed to comment!

"Too depressed"! Despite my 'Monday Funnies'?

H, a reviewer on Amazon refers to it as "550 pages of pro-yankee journalism". Dunno - I haven't read it. But most American history that I have tried to read has proved to be mere hagiography, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's an account of St Abraham Lincoln. The title certainly encourages that supposition.

@dearime. I've had a look at the Amazon reviews. They are overwhelmingly favourable and I am not sure what got that particular chap's goat. It is a well written, interesting and informative book and certainly did not shake my romantic fondness for the Confederacy. But by all means, add the three volume and mildly pro-Southern account of the war by Shelby Foote to your reading for a balanced view. Shelby Foote thought that Lincoln was a genius, incidentally, which just goes to show that he had and has admirers all over the place, like him or not.

@the duffmeister - your Monday funnies are a good deed in a naughty world.

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