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Thursday, 30 May 2013


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Hmmph. Klee is Picasso in color.

Now, y'all lookee here, Mr. JK (I've just been watching two episodes of "Justified" and I'm writing this with the accent!), y'all wouldn't know a Klee from a Picasso if'n they both pain'ed pictures on your belly, ya hear what I'm sayin' here?

(How's my accent coming along?)

(Somefin's wrong wid ur comments doohickey.)

Accent's coming along right nice David, we'll hillbilly you yet!

I'uz jes checkin' to see you'uz payin' perper attentions.

Watched 'Justified' myself coupl'a weekends back - furly a'crute. Little lackin' in the scragglies department (too many had too many teeth) but overall, purty good.

But apart from the accents, JK, in real life do they actually construct rather elegant, almost 'Olde English' type sentences as they do in the TV series? Or is that just the superb influence of Elmore Leonard?

But apart from the accents, JK, in real life do they actually construct rather elegant, almost 'Olde English' type sentences ...?

Actually David, I'm of the opinion you'd be rather pleasantly surprised. Most especially should you be persuaded to attend some one or another of our "old-timey" church services.

(Give me a minute)

"Randolph was fascinated that Ozark “peasants” living in the early twentieth century as subsistence farmers in an isolated pocket of the United States were singing songs about British nobility and royalty that could be traced in a few cases to the late Middle Ages."

Your question David, reminded me of a blogpost my boyhood friend now teaching English in the ROK (South Korea) authored some years ago.

Just back from London David after a few days in Coventry for our Annual Reunion. The mrs flew down to London to meet me. She went along to the Tate Modern to see the Saint's as mentioned on the review show but it was over, wrong information.
However I will mention Klee to her for our next visit.

Nae didn't read this in the entirest - jes' got pointest.

Talking amongst ourselve's we gen'rally spell it "Nae" - but when ye receives the same from JK it's gen'rally "nah" I'm figurin' to soot Limey extations of whatever yall've antispecteded from your Lords of Eton.

I would furtherance, Jeff was of som'eres else afore The Lord forebeared his acceptance inter the celestial Ozarks.

Thanks, JK, and I was struck by this quote from Hodges:

" Only the other day one of our neighbors remarked that he admired a flood which had ruined his crops -- meaning simply that it astonished or surprised him. (Randolph and Sankee, American Speech, Volume 5, Number 5, June 1930, p. 424)"

I checked my OED which tells me the word derived from Latin: 'admirari': ad = at; mari = wonder. Whodathunkit?

"the saints", Jimmy??? Who, what, where, when?

Typical of my wife to not listen properly. It was SAINTS ALIVE by Michael Landy at the National Gallery. It is on until 4 Nov 2013. And it is free.

'Free'!!! You're 'Glesgie' heart must have been broken, Jimmy!

David. Glesga is the most advanced toon in the world. We have free entry to most museums and all that cuture thing. Yanks feeling the pinch are welcome, the Englanders and even the N Irish and Welsh. Eurozone skint tourists are welcome even you David are welcome.

Any free whisky? Ah, thought not!

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