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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


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Not much to say about the disaster in Oklahoma. It is quite astonishing.
But, in Polly speak, let me just say this, "The Darling Buds of May" by e.e. cummings. The best thing he ever wrote.
Sorry about Oklahoma.

Well David, wordsd likely come to you easier were you to come visit me in the Springtime:

As an aside - you acquainted with a device known as a "hillbilly barometer" - not too much help in flat Oklahoma.

It's a rock tied with string to a frame - when the rock is simply dangling, fair weather. If it's, er, rocking back 'n forth, tolerable weather. Straightout to one side, Grab the whisky and head to the cellar.

Water table's too high unfortunately for Okies to dig cellars.

Words'd likely come easier were you to visit Arkansas during the Springtime David.

During this season you won't need to travel west to see Oklahoma - wait abit 'n at least parts of Oklahoma'll come flying over Arkansas. Then again, parts of Arkansas this time of year are apt to pick up and head to Mississippi.

Not the season.

As a teenager (at the time) living in Raytown, Missouri, remember the F5 tornado swept through Ruskin Heights, Missouri, May 20, 1957. Leaving the letters RU..IN on the Ruskin Heights High School Gymnasium.

Pictures of the area near bottom of page.

JK - I think you should return any bits of Oklahoma that land in your space. Especially any corn that's as high as an elephant's eye. You certainly don't need that. Unless, of course, you can use it in the still.
Is it still snowing?

Andra, can you link me to that poem by ee Cummings? I can't find it anywhere.

No snow Andra - tornadoes don't happen when there's snow in the forecast.

Odd thing though - snow on the ground the first week of May then ten days later it's 90° with so much humidity everybody's walking around with tampons in their ears.

The Darling Buds of May is a book, and there was at least one sequel, which wasn't as good.
There was also a TV series with what's his name, as Pop Larkin. David Jason.
Very, very funny book. Ah, and Catherine Zeta Jones played the young and beautiful Mariette.
Just realised it was H.E. Bates and not e.e. cummings. So sorry. Where's DM when you need him?

'Uppers', sorry, I have just rescued your comment from the Spam Bin (bloody TypePad!!!) The photos of the approaching tornado are simply terrifying and the damage, just like today, is truly appalling. What happens to the people afterwards - I mean, is it possible to get buildings insurance in that part of America - is it affordable? I simply can't imagine what it would be like to have your home reduced to rubble and your possessions utterly destroyed. The thought of having to start all over again, particularly for the elderly, is just awful.

"everybody's walking around with tampons in their ears."

Photo, please, JK!

I mean, is it possible to get buildings insurance in that part of America
Not only possible, but required by lending institutions. Buying home out right, insurance not required, but strongly recommended.

Amount varies from area-to-area and from agency-to-agency, also size (square footage) of home. Method of payment also varies. Some direct to insurance company, some figured in with payment to lending institution.

Pictures capture the destructive force, first hand visual creates an indelible mental imprint.

Ur skater gals like ta tease ma.

Yes, indeed, I speak to those skater gals very severely, almost every week, in fact, but nothing changes. What gets me is that it is usually MY comments that are binned!

Photos really don't suffice David, all you'd be seeing is the strings hanging out. Non-hillbillys are sometimes heard to mutter, "Don't these idiots know their goggle-straps are broken?"

A vivid picture in words, JK, as always!

"Depending" - I can come back to this:

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