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Tuesday, 14 May 2013


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This story makes my head spin. I checked on your link for Harvey Karmen, and I find this:

"In 1955, Karman, ... who was not licensed to practice medicine, used a speculum and a nutcracker to perform an abortion on a woman in a California motel room, who subsequently died."

And this ...

"The first trial of [Karmen's] method was on Bangladeshi rape victims under the sponsorship of the International Planned Parenthood Federation. These generally resulted in high rates of injury to the mother."

And this ...

"[O]n May 13th and 14th, 1972 ... fifteen women in their second trimester traveled from Chicago to Philadelphia, where Kermit Gosnell performed the abortions using Karman's method. A public television crew from a station in New York filmed the procedures at Karman's invitation. 9 of the 15 had complications, 3 of those with major complications"

So what do we read for this guys obituary?

"Harvey Karman, a psychologist and inventor who contributed to women's reproductive health by easing the pain, cost and complexity of abortions, died May 6 in Santa Barbara, Calif."

Bloody hell, Dom, that obit makes me feel ill!

There is an excellent article on this depraved individual and the degenerate culture that spawned him on Cranmer's blog:

Thanks, 'W', his statistics are chilling!

The irony.

If wavied his right to appeal to avoid the death penalty.

When it is his life he is pro-life.

"When it is his life he is pro-life"

Ha! They should call it a full-birth abortion.

Hank and Dom, after you with the sick-bag!

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