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Monday, 13 May 2013


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Take note of that name - Ben Rhodes. His name keeps cropping up as being one of the backroom apparatchiks doing Obama's bidding.

David. I realize you've always intended to be a burden on SoD - but this Rhodes character has some years of History - I've left some links "in quotes" you might want to thoroughly read (advisory - this thing is long and complicated, and Cheney himself treats Rhodes very charitably, should give you a clue.

Keep in mind always who "might well be described" a media mogul for therein lies a trap.

If you require assistance on that point - we'll gladly send you Piers back to "help" doo-flicker you.

David? You ever heard/read JK mention 'trepidation' as a watchword?

JK knows Cyrenaica.

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