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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


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Hmm, nothing I suspect. In fact I'll guarantee you that should you and Maxy swap bank accounts then 'miraculously' there would suddenly appear a bevy of elderly ladies who suddenly remembered the distressing fact that you had touched, kissed, looked at them/in their direction (or possibly, may have, were suspected of, rumoured to have,... been in the same town as them... once). After all, you are both the right 'race', nationality and age - only being dead could increase your chances further.

Still, rhetorical as the question was, I'm grateful to learn that I 'wasn't' the worst date that Teutonic womanhood was ever subjected to (although you seem to have 'gotten further' than I did, it may have something to do with her being 'on duty' at the time - East German Border Guards get really 'snappy' when you try to chat them up when handing over your papers for some reason - who knew? Being 'frog-marched' across a border isn't my worst date, but it's close).

Ah, yes, Andra, I remember that word, too, they used it all the time - what's it mean?

Good grief! A female East German border guard - nearly as bad the 'wrecks' (WRACs) in Aldershot!

Ah, this was more of a East German gymnastic team member than the usual Border Guard 'shot putter' (very attractive in fact - ladies in high boots with guns do strange things to me - in my imagination only I hasten to unhappily add). To be honest there was method in my madness (for a change). Border crossings can get so 'extended' at times - explaining where all my pairs of Levis have gone to, and just why did I need six pairs just to visit an Embassy? So... get thrown out as a pervert, or strip searched as a black marketeer or a spy - what would you do? (I kept asking for Diplomatic papers, but they said I'd lower the tone of the country or some such thing)

I bet you went for the strip search every time, Able!

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