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Friday, 10 May 2013


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Mr Xi Jinping does at least have options - he has cash, industrial infrastructure, a people eager to learn and to get on. In these days of the Internet and clever technicians he can see the 'inner workings' of any government he chooses, even his own. He can see what works.

The free market model seems to deliver the goodies and he has only to follow the simple Adam Smith model to allow that. The big difficulty is how to run government. The democratic model has worked best so far but clearly it tends to clog up and become less effective over time.

Then there is the problem how to pay off your supporters - all governments do this - the only difference is how overtly sordid it appears. But Xi Jinping has options - Osbo has none.

I'm sure Xi Jinping has a very shrewd idea of what is best for China but the danger for him is the entrenched opposition who have everything - and I do mean *everything* - to lose. In the democracies, usually, these are overcome within reasonable limits of behaviour (think - Labour, TUC and Scargill and his miners in the '80s) but in China they tend to reach for guns, either their own, or more likely, those of the military. I, for one, would not drop dead with surprise if one of these days the military take over. I hope not but 'flingers clossed'!

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