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Wednesday, 05 June 2013


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A few years ago I thought about becoming a lesbian but I never met the right woman.
Now, of course, I doubt that the Chinaman would approve. Or, on second thoughts ......... nah, let's not go there. Not at this hour of the morning, anyway.

My mind just boggled!

David. There was a time when you could be gay and hetrosexual without being bisexual.
I was just reading an old Glesga East End paper(1953) which has my Granada's funeral details in it. It mentions a church day out where everyone had a 'Gay Time'. The word was definitely hijacked.

Jimmy, you have to proof read when using an iPad. Can I assume Granada didn't really die?

Just an observation Dom, because of the necessity of The Reconquista one could say "Granada was resurrected" therefore it was once dead.

(Looks like you're soon to be visited David, spooks my guess is - 'n not the sorts to holler Trick or Treat!)

'N they won't be from Arkansas. If you liked Sidmouth, you'll love Cuba.

Indeed so, Jimmy, word theft is part of the progressive agenda.

Incidentally, Gentlemen, I trust you will all keep an eye out for me. Having been rude to the FLOTUS I am expecting a 'holiday' in Gitmo very soon!

Incidentally, Gentlemen, I trust you will all keep an eye out for me.
Keep away from Verizon.

Doesn't matter you realize Ups, all mobile phones use triangulation amongst three cell towers (or one cell tower and a satellite) - and only "You Know Which" has the worldwide infrastructure to provide location coordinates.

For proof try making a call from the UK on your US Verizon network. Here's the original warrant application for the US telecom petition to provide info on "specific" communications:

The Guardian doesn't actually have a clue.

(You probably most of all realize Ups realize the full implications from when the Bax authorities busted that ID-Theft - I'd volunteered to allow same to forensically examine my machine - turned out they had transcripts. That's why I wasn't required to testify.)

Just please - don't put this on a US News or Blogsite. You KNOW who I am.

Well, our equivalent of the America NSA are welcome to listen into my mobile 'phone calls. I use it once a week and there are approximately 14 calls in the space of an hour from me to the 'Memsahib' at home as I wander, bewildered and lost in our local supermarket and they are all variations on the same theme, ie, 'Do you want the blue ones or the red ones?', 'What's half a kilo in English?', 'They haven't got X, will Y do?' and so on. Sometimes I find the excitements of life a little hard to bear!

Incidentally, someone must be watching this blog because this morning I have found an invitation to join the 'Gay Lesbian Directory'! Their acronym is LGBTQ. I think I know the first four but what the hell is 'Q'?

Queer? Queensland? Quirky? The possibilities are endless.

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