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Tuesday, 04 June 2013


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How's The Boss coming along after her op, Duffers?

P.S. I do like a Punch and Judy show. I'm astonished that the puritans haven't closed them all down.

If a sailor offers to show you 'the golden rivet' - just say no.

Beaches are better with sand.

Andra, you are wrong. For the many people who think sand a bloody nuisance, a suitable pebble beach is a lovely thing.

Ahoy, Duffers. I've just been given a paperback of Neil MacGregor's "Shakespeare's Restless World" and it's pretty good (there's the odd bit of political correctness, partly by omission, but it's not too intrusive). It's cheap at the mo' at Waterstone's.

The 'hip-op' went exceedingly well, DM, thank you for asking. Unfortunately, a big-toe problem on her other foot means that she is still hobbledy-hoy which puts a strain on her new hip. The toe is line to be dealt with - and at least she can't kick me! Actually, she had the new hip in one of these new, privately-run clinics which now do contract work for the NHS - it was superb!

Alas, no Punch and Judy at Sidmouth but on the other hand, no 'kiddie-winkies' either! I might well treat myself to that book because I missed the TV programme - thanks for the tip.

You must make allowances for Andra, she's a big soft Aussie and as the entire country is one big sand beach she's obviously unused to our pebbly beaches made for tough British feet!

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