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Saturday, 15 June 2013


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Good stuff. I have linked to you over on The Diplomad 2.0. I figure if we keep shooting at the leftist beast from both sides of the Atlantic, one of us is bound to get a kill shot.

That's spot on!

I know for a fact it's true that many business owners are all for amnesty, due to the depressing effect it will have on wages.

Republicans who claim that this will somehow help them among hispanics are either terminally stupid or lying. For further proof, consider this; even if Amnesty does help Republicans reach historic highs with Hispanics, that's around 40%, max. So, even if their claim was true, they'd be adding millions of voters who would vote D by 6 to 4. That not only cancels out their assumed gains amongst present hispanics, it results in a net gain for Democrats. And that's *IF* the best-case scenario the R's have painted comes to pass.

They might also pause to wonder why the Democrats are cheering them on on this issue. It's because the Democrats aren't stupid - they know this will be a big long-term advantage for them.

Diplomad, thanks for the link and I have added my two-pennies worth.

ACJ, we had the same racket inflicted on us during the Blair years when the Labour party opened the doors to overseas immigrants in the certain knowledge that an overwhelming number of them would vote Labour.

Blimey, it would seem that the Republicans have adopted the brilliant tactics of the one and only Dave (PBUH).

Where will the 'true' Republicans go to vote?. At least in our neck of the woods there is UKIP for we disaffected conservatives. As far as I know, there is no such equivalent on the other side of the pond.

Hello, Paul, yes, you're right but they did have the putative Tea Party which the Grand Panjandrums of the GOP managed to sit upon - ooops, did I miss out the 'h'? Anyway, the result is now history.

What in tarnation you doing? I comes over the pond kindliest lending you for free perper lessoning in the finest of hillbillyianese - and then Duffers, you cross over here 'n insult (by extension) the whole Hillbilly race by failing to perperly spell it out Hill"B"illy!!!

Years in school 'n see how I's remunerated. I (almost) hope Brown gets re-elected.

For the benefit of readers even more confused by JK's literary circumlocutions than normal let me explain that he is referring to my comment on 'The Diplomad's site in which, in referring to 'HillBilly', I forgot the capital 'B'. I will, of course, take my punishment like a man, and even at the risk of going blind that'll be two shots of good ol' Jake's Arkie Special Brew, JK, not one!

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