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Thursday, 04 July 2013


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From your fingers to God's eyes.

Morsi forgot that winning an election does not mean you and your mates get to do as you like and to hell with the losers.

He also forgot that the West only sleeps easy when Islamism is sat firmly in the Goldilocks zone - and that budgets are available to make sure of that.

What raises a smile is the crazy role of religion and its politics in the Middle East and in America - and that the Founding Fathers were in fact 17th century Taliban look-alikes chucked out after a civil war. Too similar for comfort.

That's a rather elliptical comment, Miss Red, would you care to expand on it?

Given my shameful ignorance of American history, Roger, I am reluctant to take you on over the Founding Fathers but I am fairly certain that today religion only plays a marginal role in American politics. Even the Jews have given up their Jewishness!

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