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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


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No wonder!

I recently traced one of those "Nigerian Prince needs you [me] to wire him [him] a princely sum in return of which at [some] date, he'd send me a boatload of cash."

The internet domain surprised me and until now I couldn't figure it out. rather than the expected / it came back, ca/!

Thanks David, you really do do public service!

David. It looks like Capitalism has failed the Yanks! The Land of the Free and the Home Of The Brave. Doh dah do da Deh! At least the Red Indian could hunt the Buffalo unlike those humiliated queuing up for food parcels like the Soviets did.

I read the other day that food stamp food is being shipped out to places like Haiti by recipients in New York. I recommend reading Atlas Shrugged; Obama is the 'Looter-in-Chief".

That would have been Prince Barack of Obama, I guess, JK!

Capitalism hasn't failed the Yanks, Jimmy, it's the insidious creep of more and yet more socialism that will bring it down.

One of these days, BOE, I really MUST read 'Atlas Shrugged'. I'm going on holiday next year for a fortnight so perhaps I will put it on my list of books to take.

I think reading it on holiday might put a crimp in the holiday! The interesting bit (to me anyway), is how she defines "looter". These are the people who have lots of rights and no obligations. The book ends when the looters reach about 99.999% of the population. I suppose that at the moment, in the USA, they amount to 47% as described by Mr Romney. I noticed the other day that the Labour Party was to make benefits a 'Uman Rite". Should help.

Yes, BOE, I imagine that she is not an easy read but still, I'm going to Rhodes so if the ouzo keeps flowing I might be up to the task!

It's an interesting comparison is it not? What? Check just how many 'public' employees are in your average British city (council workers, clerical staff, managers, etc. the police, firem (oops persons), then the real biggies, the NHS, social services,....) In quite a few areas there are more public (taxpayer funded) 'workers' then there are net taxpayers. If you include benefits recipients, fake charity workers, etc. in some areas there are only a hundred or so taxpayers paying for everybody else.

Detroit (and all America for that matter) are just rank amateurs and pikers in comparison.

"each city employee was 'supported' by 61 residents"

Over here it's more likely to be

'each resident supports 61 city employees'

Do you know what, Able, I always miss you when you are away but sometimes when you come back you can be really, really depressing!

Misery loves company.

I've been relaxing in JKs neck of the woods (well almost) a nice little town of 607 souls in Idaho, one police officer, one mayor (who does his own typing, filing and makes the coffee too), one finance officer and... well that seems to have been it. Everything else was done by residents as either private hire or as volunteers. I'd move there tomorrow if I could get a Green Card (being white, Anglo, with Phd and service in an allied military kind of precludes me ever achieving that goal unless I find a desperate, tone deaf, short-sighted lady with an abnormal sense of humour - JK, any help?).

I shot, I fished, I fell out of a canoe (repeatedly), fell off an ATV (repeatedly) and a horse (landing on the cow was intentional to show the yanks how we catch cows without ropes in Cumbria - honest) and even learned to line dance (ish, my partner was only limping a little bit after a weeks recuperation). Loved everyone and even managed not to giggle (much) when the men mentioned their preferences for wearing suspenders. (terminology can be confusing, misleading and lead to a number of embarrassing incidents at times - thankfully the local law just assumed I was an imbecile although I thought my rendition of Monty Pythons 'lumberjack song' [big logging area, very macho] was almost acceptable although maybe my choice of venues, logging camp bar, wasn't 'ideal'.)

I would have dropped off the promised bottle of Glenmorangie to JK but I forgot my banjo and Burt wasn't available as a chaparone, maybe next time.

Should've dropped a comment in some'eres Able - I was in Idaho the first week of the month.

The only possible "help" I might offer is keep an eye on Weiner's fate - his missus (should he lose) - fits your descriptives to a "T"!

JK, I know my sense of humour is an acquired taste but do you really hate me 'that' much?

I think Huma is disqualified anyway, as not actually being stupid (well anymore than any Democrat). Considering who mama and papa Huma are, and who she used to work for/with, I suspect she is probably the best the MB has, and is suffering privations beyond belief for her 'role', sleepers usually are.

Look to her stoically following in Billiarys footsteps as the honest, wronged woman running for office soon (a sure thing with all that Saudi money and MB influence, not counting the useful idiots of the feminist and Democrat variety). Imagine not only another MB supporter in US high office, but an actual leading member! Better get memorising that there K, KH, Qu book.

On a more personal note, any 'lady' who according to those terrible malicious rumours was a member of Hills Harem as well as 'a very close intimate' of Billiary, who then marries a (nominally Jewish) pervert - well, let's just say I wouldn't touch her with yours let alone mine (that and I'd rather not sell my aged, decrepit and slightly tarnished soul to the house of Saud or the MB. Partly due to honour, faith and patriotism, but also as I suspect being offered pocket change for it would upset my inflated opinion of myself).

Next visit I'll drop DD a link for your Red-Cross parcel (I promised to fall out of a raft in Orofino at some point).

For God's sake, Able, get your arse back here! You work for the NHS ("The envy of the world") and you're needed to help mistreat elderly folk, like me, in our hospitals - that's what you're trained for, dammit!

Oh, and by the way, whilst you're 'over there' don't drink anything without a label on the bottle, it's bound to be the product of one of JK's cheapskate mates!

Just sos you know full well I don't 'hate' you Able, how could I? You are after all a fellow D&N traveler - that necessarily excludes you 'cause without me keeping to the higher standards of friendship (fellow D&N readers are absolutely kept off my blacklist)

The mainest reason I mention "Uma" was cuz she's a full set of teeth - all the others when I say a "set" of teeth, means they've got at least one of the lowers, one of the uppers - if that'd be acceptable (and it does have it's advantages ... No teeth at all makes for one helluva blowjob)!

No labels David? Actually our's do bear labels - duct tape with the batch number (date of run) written in Magic Marker!


I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd refrain from using the 'W' word - makes me feel queasy. I was 'employed' by the NHS, no-one said anything about the W... thing.

As it is I am now Ohfishyly Reetyred, hence this burst of globe-trotting, searching for somewhere nice to settle. (For the record I never once 'mistreated' any of my patients - excluding my singing, dancing, jokes, etc. The cold stethoscope applications just when dropping off to sleep were both therapeutic [Redneck Defibrillators], educational [don't 'P' off anyone who can slip emetics or aperients in your coco and has access to cold and/or sharp objects!) and .... fun.

Ah, warnings such as that are not necessary when I'm sober, and I can't remember them when 'merry' so... kind of pointless. If I can survive my Great Aunts elderberry, rhubarb and gooseberry wines, nothing JK can distill will harm me. And one must adhere to local customs and habits. Why? Well manners, cultural sensitivity... and as an excuse as to why the local law found you walking down Mainstreet with a 'Welcome to Cottonwood' sign under your arm at three in the morning (It would have gone so well with my collection of traffic cones too).


You misunderstand my requirements (is it because I'm a cultured, citified English Gentleman?) "full set of teeth"? I'd be happy with a full set of limbs (and even that's negotiable - assuming they aren't too 'athletic' - it does your ego no good when even ladies in wheelchairs can out-pace you when 'escaping' from your heartfelt proposals you know).

I'd just like to reiterate (loudly. repeatedly and.. smuggly) - I'm 'much too young' for normal retirement. I wanted to get out whilst still 'young' (and sane[ish]) enough to make a new start.

So no suggestions of over 80 year old ladies JK - unless they happen to still like Harleys, have their own leathers (I meant bike outfit but.. any additional outfits/equipment will be on the plus side of the balance sheet) and willing to sign a pre-nup (that cone collection is worth a lot)


80s with a full set of teeth - you're joshin' me (ain't you)?

An Arkansas wimmen who manages 40 without half kicked out by at least a milk cow (and/or spills off a Hogly Daverson) is only expected to hav'er molars - to crack walnut shells for stuff like pies. Front toofusses are considered "Premiums" and unless she (if 'she' exists) doesn't have sufficient knowledge of Geography to get me driv over the Mississip Bridge - it's doubtful I'd know'er anywise.

Now if she's completely tooflus - Geographical knowledge ain't so important - those'd be the "Catalogue of Cuties" I'm most likely to have sufficient fer you to be reckermended for spoonin' with.

All the 80s year olds from Arkansas I know are dating Washington DC Congress Critters - maybe "sexting" with Weiner. Dentures you realize.


You can zagerate as much as you want to but.. I've been there remember.

Americans can be at the poor house door, homeless, destitute, on food stamps, and even, God forbid, without a car!!!!!! And you know what? They all have perfect, 'don't dare smile when theres a UV light about or they'll blind some poor innocent soul or cause a major air disaster when the pilot mistakes their bicuspids for the landing lights at LAX' white teeth. What's that about? (A recent acquaintance I met, late 40's, poor, worked three jobs through college, just finished a Masters and as a reward she's finally able to afford ,,, braces?!?). You can tax them till they squeal, surveil them in the bath, even insult John Moses B ... but the one way to start the second revolution would be to outlaw braces and teeth whitening.

No teeth in The States is about on a par with being a mass murderer (slightly less than having three arms)

And forget about with no hair too (the reason I avidly watch every Bruce Willis and Jason Statham film, however bad, because... they're the first representatives of, you know, >40% of males over 40, and >64% of all males eventually). Everyone there has, what used to be called, 'bouffant' hair here. Forget about Microsoft, Apple and the Fortune 500, I wish I'd bought shares in US Hair Gel, Mousse and Spray Inc. (Tm) - I'd be rich I tell you!

So DD forget about investigating and debating the Economy, Art or a Prime Being - we need this weird hair and teeth thing explained.

JK stop making excuses, just email your little black book - any lady who doesn't run screaming on first seeing me is ideal (or shoot me either, since having her own CCW is a prerequisite to exclude a Dem).

Ahh So Able,


In(screw)table I'm guessing

You're spot on, Able, I can only watch Fox News whilst wearing sun-glasses because the 'fright-white' teeth of the sundry blonde bimbo presenters gives me a headache.

Anyway, do try and give us an occasional sitrep on your travels, oh, and by the way, before engaging with any female 'enemy' recommended by JK do conduct a recce at distance beforehand!

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