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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


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"mon braves": 100 lines, Duffers.

Ah, dearieme beat me to it. I was going to post : My fifty year old schoolboy French tells me it is 'mes braves', mon brave!', but now I won't!

Trivia aside, I remember thinking 'Oh God, here we go again' at the beginning of the year when the Mali imbroglio was in the news a little. It was then that Dopey Dave made noises about supporting our 'European friends' in this ill advised adventure. However, it would seem that at least he had the good sense to stay out of it, apart from a few friendly words.

Still, I await little Billy Vague firing the starting pistol for the march on Damascus - God help us!

Oh no, a hundred lines - and in this heat, too!

"Billy Vague" made me pause and think, Paul, but then the penny dropped.

So, the US has over 6000 drones. Is this a good thing? It enables the US president to murder people in other countries of course, including "collateral" children. Sooner or later, the Americans are going to find foreign drones in their skies. Perhaps they ought to be concentrating on anti-drone drones to shoot down the Chinese ones. As to the French, I will just return to my usual comment that our biggest mistake was allying ourselves to them in 1905. How different the 20th century might have turned out!

PS. I spent nearly 30 years flying with the RAF. Airspace was always sovereign. An aircraft penetrating another country's airspace isn't legal just because the pilot is in Las Vegas!

You raise an important political/strategic/legal point, BOE, which has festered quietly at the back of my mind. I think I will return to it in a future post.

For when you get round to your 'drone-post' David:

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