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Sunday, 21 July 2013


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Did you see that Charles Barkley and Bill Cosby both said that the Zimmerman verdict was correct? I wouldn't be surprised if a sizable number of blacks agree. Either that or they don't want to make trouble for a black president.

The thing is David, blacks, whites, Italian Mafia and all criminals will do anything to avoid justice and get the thiko mugs on board to help them. And there are plenty mugs on the Q.

Is your head hurting?

Well, I blame Ronald Reagan and the blessed Margaret for all this crap. By smashing the Russian Empire, they cut the ground from under the feet of the socialists. So now, in the USA, you have an alliance between the blacks and the socialists. In this country, the socialists have latched onto the Muslims. It is all displacement activity for those who believe in socialism.

Dom, that is why my remarks were aimed at the minority of blacks because most of them have had the good sense to see that what has passed is now history and the only people clinging to the past are the rabble-rousers who leech off the people.

Sad but true, Jimmy.

Could you please lower your voice, Andra!

Everybody blames Ronnie and Mags, it's wot they're for, innit?

I forgot to mention the eco-fascists - the "Watermelons". Another displacement activity for socialists.

I was wondering (as you do) about Detroit pensioners. I have read that a major source of the city's problems is public sector pensions. I wonder, where do these pensioners live? What's the betting they have all fled to nicer places. Perhaps all Detroit city pensioners should be required to live in the city? Might be interesting...........

I have it on excellent authority, BOE, that Florida is the retirement home of America. Bit like Bournemouth but, er, bigger!

Or Arizona perhaps? I remember driving thru' a desert somewhere in Arizona, and it was full of mobile homes. I have one or two Canadian friends who winter down there.

Nah! I reckon they were either the local cartel convoy or some of JK's still operators shifting their booze!

They weren't in a convoy - they each had their own little patch of rattlesnakes. As to the booze, I think you can distill cactus juice into something near lethal. There didn't seem to be anything else to do.....

Of course - cactus bourbon - JK swears by it, or at least, he swears a lot after it!

"Cactus bourbon"?

Nope, that'd be tequila or, as we say in these hills, "ter-killya."

Cute little story 'bout that stuff. On my first wedding day there was a get-together to celebrate the happy event. A feller brought 8 quarts of terkillya - I "might've overindulged" - at some later point I woke up next to a fairly nice looking red-haired girl.

That could've been a nice ending to my wedded bliss - and actually it was - because the lass I'd stood next to at the altar some few hours before had auburn hair.

That marriage was shortly annulled and because it'd hadn't lasted the requisite 30 days - I don't include it in my number of marriages stats!

Last time I ever drank terkillyer though. Fairly soon thereafter I was in the US Navy. The sleighted gal had some brothers.

But that's another story!

I thought it'd be best to keep separate my dalliance with eyeing a career in the Clericacy - but returning to topic; here's something might be of interest David:

"terkillyer" - love it - make mine a large one! JK, I can't help feeling there's an autobiography inside you just waiting to get out. I'll check your link tomorrow.

There is a manuscript David - but it'll be published posthumously - I'd not care to hurry along that process.

Ah yes, JK.
I know you have such fond memories of the Philippines, along with the Antipodes.
I'm looking forward to an advance copy.

Well Andra since you're in the southern hemisphere I s'pose it'd be alright, er, you'll not be visiting the Philippines anytime soon will you? I wouldn't wish to ignite a diplomatic kerfuffle since the next to last time I was there - so too were three of your countrypersons acting as my guides (as only in the company of Aussies could an American of Arkansas descent, visit Mindanao).

[We "sat" a helo down in a very recently drained rice paddy.]

I have no plans to visit the Philippines.
I think Ecuador will be my next holiday destination. Seems to be the "In" place right now.

As a longtime lurker on this blog I thank you - your best post ever!

Thank you, Gunner G, artillerymen are always welcome here.

Ortega - it would be more along the lines of "Una copa de vino para mi hermana, por favor".
And one for me too, while you're at it.
Gunner G - nobody like a lurker. Stand up and be counted!!

Gunner, pay no attention to Andra, she is this blog's Rottweiler but all you have to do is give her a pat on the rump and she's perfectly happy.

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