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Monday, 15 July 2013


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The decline of the standards of the USA since, roughly, the election of FDR is a wonder to behold.

Here's you a "good" Chicago site David. I'll not be describing it of course - you being English (what's that? you're cousin to DM an' not "The" Lord Duff of Duff Arkansas? ... well ... I can't have imagined that ... I guess.

Anyways David, your Cousin Rahm Duff:

(Mind - this is just 'so far' this July.)

XX Fortunately the ladies of the jury, all six of them from differing ethnicities, ignored his presidential nudge and voted 'Not Guilty'. XX

A jury has TWELVE.

THIS is a "Hung jury" (?), and should have gone for re-trial.

(Preferably in North Carolina, Alabama, or Texas, where they KNOW what to do with uppity young.... bastards, and would have let Zimmerman off with a MAJORITY vote.)

It was a Florida jury, where apparently six will do. They found him not guilty, as the evidence required.

Did it begin with FDR, DM? I'm not so sure, some point at Wilson, some at the earlier Roosevelt. Whatever, Obama is the worst and the most dangerous if only because the powers of government are now so huge.

FT, "calm down, dear", as DM indicates, it is an arcane detail of Florida state law that juries can be made up of only six. The fact that it was six women of differing ethnicities and that it was a unanimous verdict given after a sensible length of time gives it much more power than a split vote in, say, Alabama. Prior to the trial every 'legal eagle' outside of the Democrat party opined that there was no case to answer, indeed, even the prosecution couldn't make up its mind whether to go for Murder One, Manslaughter or Aggravated Assault.

I greet with suspicion any jury less numerous than fifteen, but Florida law is what it is.

This illustrates one of the defects of the American system. There is no shadow President. If Cameron had intervened in a court case, as Obama did, even the current leader of the opposition would have been on his case.

Strictly speaking, the unofficial leade rof the Republican Party should have been on his case. But republicans are saddled with a reputation for racism, fully supported by the msm, so no, they said nothing.

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