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Sunday, 14 July 2013


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Like you, I keep my desktop machine in the attic. There are a lot of steps between me and the attic. However, I have solved the problem - I have an Apple iPad! Perhaps you should join the world of the naturally superior Apple users?

My wife doesn't like thrillers, so please feel free to recommend as many whodunnits as you like.

Dammit, you 'Apple-oids' get everywhere! Normally, I quite like climbing up here to my eyrie - keeps me well away from household chores and the like - method in my madness.

Well, DM, I would say that 'Defending Jacob' is more of a novel than an old-fashioned thriller. Slowly revealed character is paramount and, at the end, truly shocking - neither I nor the Memsahib can quite forget it.

I work with an Englishman who still insists, even after the recent revelations, that NHS is one of the things he misses about England. He has the same insurance I have, but he says that NHS is more "civilized" than what we have. I agree that the American system is ... Medieval ... But all the same. Civilized?

Pssst David?

You've been nattering on about for some years now as how you'd like to get on with FOX sos you'd be able to improve your chances to meet up with some of America's "neat wimmen"?

Well - tho' you'd likely need to tighten your standards - only 'cause it was 'standards' wot's given you this opportunity but:

"I work with an Englishman who still insists, even after the recent revelations, that NHS is one of the things he misses about England."

It is truly astonishing the delusion that pervades a great number of Brits about the NHS. No amount of factual evidence will dissuade this genre of person of the failure in practice of the NHS. And if the principle of state owned monopolies being an intrinsically broken by design system for operating the means of production and distribution is raised as a criticism, the riposte is an accusation of dogmatism and ideological fundamentalism; even though to cling to a failed by design, and failed in practice, ideology is dogmatic and fundamentalist in the extreme itself!

I worked at the Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital on contract for a time and what I witnessed was beyond belief: filthy cob webs hanging out of the ventilation system above the main thoroughfare in reception; someone's snot and bogey collection plastered on the walls of the staff toilet directly above the wards; failure of the cleaner to remove the faux shit flakes from the toilet walls placed by me using Mars bar chocolate (this was during Gordie Brown's "deep cleaning" of NHS hospitals - remember that?) 6 inches above the floor, let alone the ancient snot and bogey collection; and finally the hint of a whiff of corruption, proper brown paper envelopes handed over in car parks, something I have never seen or heard of in 30 years of working in the IT sector. All this, only in one place, the NHS.

A truly vile organisation, and its supporters as brainwashed as Winston sat in the cafe after a session in room 101, quaffing his Victory gin and toasting the regime.


I think, Dom, that 'SoD' has replied better than I ever could!

Thanks, JK, big bollock dropped obviously.

Thanks for the book recommendations. I will reserve them from my library.
I have, just minutes ago, finished reading "The Rosie Project" by Aussie Graeme Simsion. Supposed to be the funniest thing published in years.
Amusing, and different I would say and that's about it.
And so I'll look forward to your offerings.
The Chinaman has been watching the cricket night after night and I think is probably OK with the result. There would appear to be some up and coming talent in the Aussie team. Just you wait!

When I posted the above there'd been "no comment" from our NTSB - it appears now that the agency has "fessed up" we've something of the There's something wrong with our bloody ships today with our companies depending on unpaid (untrained) temporary interns.

Still. Those in command should've caught a whiff I think.

Oi, Duffers, your "Spaniard" is a Chilean. The gifted Spaniard who ran Chelsea last season has mooched off elsewhere. Pity. I'm glad to see the back of Sir Odious; I suspect that Mourinho may have gone a little potty. But they'll have to produce some season if it is to get close to the excitement of Lions vs Wallabies or the first Ashes test.

Spanish, Chilean . . . details, DM, mere details!

JK, more like 'there's something wrong with your bloody media today', I think.

Andra, you tell the Chinaman to take it easy - watching the Ashes this year could be, er, stressful. But why aren't you watching?

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