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Sunday, 07 July 2013


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Some chap supposes that a General Sir Hoity-toity would be addressed as " My Lord": worra tit!

Now you must be more understanding, DM, ever since their huge error of judgment in 1776 they have lost the minutiae of correct addressage to their betters. Looking at their Lordships these days I sometimes wish we had, too!

Graceless bugger, Murray.

Meantime you have failed suitably to celebrate the Lions win against the Wobblies. A cracker, my dear sir, a cracker.

Well, what about us? We have to sit up all bloody night to watch the tennis from the UK. Murry didn't win here until 1.30 a.m. Some of us have to go to work you know.

'Genius', I use the word loosely, often is graceless, DM, but, hell, which do you want, a charming English loser, Tim Henman, or a gruntish Jock winner? Actually, as I always watch most TV with the sound off I think I'll go with Murray. And to be fair, it was a supreme test of skill and endurance which he passed with real grit and determination. As for your rugger buggers, alas, increasingly I find them hard to admire. I do not believe all that bulk which has appeared in recent years is natural, and nor do I like the slippage in good manners. Rugby is the roughest and toughest of all games and the fact it was always played with due deference to the ref made it very watchable. Today they behave like footie players, than which etc, etc!

But you had the rugby, Andra, you can't have it all! By the way, I caught a glimpse of Rod Laver in the crowd and I remarked to the 'Memsahib' that back in the day Wimbledon was dominated by Aussies. What went wrong?

How about the football match in Brazil? Ref checks player; player cross and answers back; ref stabs player; crowd draw and quarter ref and then behead him!!!! And they weren't follows of the Prince of Peace either.

I'd have queued for tickets for that one!

Bastiat? You'd never heard of Bastiat?

My dear boy (as one of my schoolmasters used to say), your education is incomplete.

Hie thee straightaway off here:

and read it all. No slacking now - it's all the best of stuff.

Yes, Sir; very good, Sir; the site is now bookmarked to read - but only when this bloody (lovely) weather cools down!

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