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Monday, 29 July 2013


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Australian Dictionary?!!!

Whys come David, with me you're always hitting your OED yet you allow Andra the mythological?

Grouse (v) "complain," 1885 (implied in grousergroucer, from Old French groucier "to murmur, grumble," of imitative origin (cf. Greek gru "a grunt," gruzein "to grumble"). Related: Groused; grousing. As a noun from 1918, from the verb. 1560s, "to move and act unconsciously;" 1580s, "to be listless and apathetic," the sound of the word perhaps somehow suggestive of low feelings (cf. Low German mopen "to sulk," Dutch moppen "to grumble, to grouse," Old Norse gripa, Dutch grijpen, Gothic greipan, Old High German grifan, German greifen "to seize"), from PIE root *ghreib- "to grip" (cf. Lithuanian griebiu "to seize"). Figurative sense of "complain, grouse" is first attested 1932, probably from earlier meaning "gripping pain in the bowels" (c.1600; cf. bellyache).

That's all very well, JK, but things are different in Australia, as you know.

grouse 5 aussie slang definitions
Meaning: great - terrific - very good [shit hot]
Grouse something is great, terrific
Something good.
adjective: excellent (known to be a Melbourne, Victoria term) "It was a grouse night out"

"Things are different in Australia."

Oh yeah. I forgot. It was quite early [for me - not necessarily for Arkansas] when I explained the above.

Things are different in Australia.

Of course they're different down there, they're upside down! (politely not mentioning. in case Andra gets violent, their descent from criminal lower classes and those troops too lazy to figure out an excuse not to volunteer to serve as guards, therefore resulting in the corruption of Cockney slang and an almost Inshallah attitude - No Worries! She'll be apples!).

I remember a drunken, back-packing Aussie Bar-man (is there any other kind?) explaining that this was due to being in the southern hemisphere, and thus suffering from the 'Coriolanus' effect, causing the bodily fluids to rotate counter to the northern norm (not sure how Shakespeare managed that, I think he meant Coriolis effect, but being Aussie, maybe not).

"gripping pain in the bowels" - I get that every time I look at a newspaper.

Oi, Duffers, is this your sort of thing?

Definitely, DM, and I have saved it for later perusal - thanks.

Here Duffers, another link for you to bookmark - just in case we have another, "George Zimmerman."

Sorry, JK, bloody-bloody TypePad dumped you in the Spam Box - usually it's me!

Yes, I read about the on-going massacre in Chicago.

It's said, "Afghanistan's a bloody lark, Chicago however is a fine, fine place to be."

("Fine" in the Duke of Boot sense - but I dunno, I'm South!)

David? Might you recall that post of yours where's the rifleman stood behind the tree and learned the proper way to "Stand To Attention"?

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