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Monday, 01 July 2013


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Now then, Duffers, that's a very fine joke but could you please Britify it - by which I mean cut out the irrelevant stuff, and the repetitive stuff, and the bit where the joke is explained for the slow of understanding. I suggest something along the lines of "I shot my husband in the knee and then ran for it."

Even the "and then ran for it" is too far. More like "Just one shot from my little Beretta Surefire did it. Right in my husband's kneecap."

I sent it to my Canadian relatives:

Woman stops Grizzly attack with .25 calibre pistol.
Canadian Wild Park Wardens amazed at her escape from enraged bear.
She said - I was just lucky - I shot my husband in the knee and the bear got him. I walked away......

Plus picture of course. Nice clean joke!

Critics - don'cha lurve 'em?!

Look, chaps, I did actually cut it down from the original, gimmee a break! Next time I'll just give you the punch-line and you can fill in the rest.

Honestly, some people are never satisfied, here am I, tapping my fingers to the bone and all I get is . . . (wanders off in the direction of the drinks cabinet).

"wanders off ... takes a drink" is much better!!!

Hang on, I don't get it. How come she shot her husband when it was the bear attacking her? Could we have some more pictures and a statement from the husband? And the bear?

Oh God, now I've got all these 'Eng Lit & Lang' profs coming out of the woodwork! Any minute now 'JK' is going to arrive and give me a lecture about the bloody Beretta!

Why don't you all just laugh at the joke?

I laughed ;)

I was wondering how the hell she stopped a griz with a .25 ACP! Thanks for the laugh. Much needed. :)

Miss Red and ACJ, you are both obviously people of taste and discrimination unlike that bunch of old grumps above!

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