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Thursday, 15 August 2013


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This is simply a tale of persecution. I take it that a "State Attorney" has some sort of privilege to protect her from charges of abuse of office?

And don't forget that the Black Panther party, who did absolutely nothing wrong on election day in Philadelphia, have put out a contract on Zimmerman. This whole case stinks to high hell.

Indeed, and if anyone in the Obama regime should be impeached they could start with Attorney-General Holder.

"Anything & Everything" re: Zimmerman case here - but this time (lucky you) since you've limited to Madamned Corey, I will too.

This, I think, should whet your appetite:

What some call “the next Trayvon Martin case” – a white guy who wound up shooting a black teen ... falls into Ms. Corey’s jurisdiction. The Florida Civil Rights Association has called for the case to be taken out of Angela Corey’s hands, because they think after the Zimmerman case, she doesn’t have enough credibility to prosecute this one.

What a fascinating site, JK, a glimpse into the real America, or at least, an Oregonian portion of it!

Prosecutors are out of control in the US, I don't know the situation in the UK, but I suspect it must be roughly similar. As a policeman friend once told me, "I can follow you for 45 minutes and probably find at least three reasons to arrest you." I assume he wasn't referring only to me.

Jeez, there was I all lined up to contribute by recommending Masaad Ayoob and his series examining the case at ... you guessed it 'Backwoods Home magazine' (which I have read for some years, mainly for Mas, I was lucky enough to attend one of his courses some years ago - a true 'experts expert' that man, but also for the editorials from Mr Silvera - oh, OK and to learn how to milk a chicken and build a hamster powered washing machine too) and that dastardly JK got in there first. It's just not fair!

I don't think it is so personalised 'over here', 'Dippers'. The Crown Prosecution Service is a giant bureaucratic lump and part of their problem is that they usually *fail* to prosecute the right people. Occasionally there might be a giant SHLOCK-HORROR case and their political masters will put pressure on them to act but mostly -
inertia rules!

Well "Jeez" to you, too, Able, because I fully intended (but forgot!)to add a rider to my response to JK suggesting that *you* might like to take out a subscription to it because it looked to be 'right up your Strasse'. Me? I'll stick to the Speccie!

Am I really that obvious - don't answer that! But Duh! Who wouldn't want to know the best way to power your house from a steam engine? (I'd prefer to go nuclear but I couldn't find any yellow-cake uranium on ebay).

I find their advertisers endlessly fascinating. Have a look at (suppliers to the Amish community) - I could browse their catalogue for weeks.

I'm about due for another visit, my John Wayne walk (excess riding induced) is starting to resolve, and I think I can vaguely feel my but-tocks again. I'm assembling a collection of baseball caps (John Deere, Ford, Gunsite and Browning), a selection of chequered shirts and bib-overalls so I can camouflage myself as a local this time.

"yellow-cake uranium"

Just ask JK, his mate 'Bubba' O'Shaughnessy adds a drop to all his produce up at the still - gives it that distinctive zing, he reckons. That's why you can see JK in the dark!

Nope Duffers - not "yellow-cake" the stuffs been tried but tended to clog the sieves.

Bubba 'n me've (trial & error) discovered cesium properly powdered binds with our region's corn starches bettermost and thereby keeps the particulates suspended most efficiently.

The "glow in the dark" you assert isn't actually me, an' that's the advantage of cesium - it's only shadows that actually "glow." That's why incidentally, when my personage gets mentioned in the papers as being "very lucky" [ie a near miss] it's 'cause the sniper failed to correct for "windage and moonshine effect."

Something you'd surely know if you'd known to read Backwoods Home Magazine earlier. (I use another pseudonym there tho' so I guess you could be excused for not knowing to.)

I'm guessing Lieutenant (with a Left, I've given up trying to get them to pronounce it correctly) Colonel Kilgore myself.

Oh and I know he's kidding about the Caesium (see we Brits can spell it correctly) because not only is it a bit pyrophoric (think exploding still) but ... there isn't any on ebay either.

(The thought of the possible IED results of corn-starch and caesium +/- high proof alcohol gives me goose-bumps. Know anyone with a cannon for sale, or .. fougasse, yeh! I refuse to discus my attempt at lighting the barbeque with Thermite - it was raining, and I needed a new barbeque anyway, the patio ... and the foundations weren't that hard to repair either)

As so often, gentlemen, you start my day with a chuckle even though I'm not at all sure exactly what you're both on about! However, I can't help thinking that Her Majesty's Foreign & Commonwealth Office who are always quick to issue warning notices to British tourists likely to visit places of potential danger, have not issued one for Arkansas. I mean, exploding nuclear stills in 'them thar hills' makes it sound worse than Cairo!

Why did I pick Lt. Col Kilgore? Well, can't you just see JK saying "I love the smell of moonshine in the morning" before bombing the tree-line back a 100 yards, just for the hell of it?

JK Do you still surf? There's some really good waves at Silloth (if you're willing to wade through 2 miles of mud).

How'd you Able, know I had a trebuchet?

Nope, not so much after my squish. I can barely balance on my treadmill - were there not rails I couldn't do that!

You been watching Arkansas' weather this month or something MUD?!!! I'm taking that as a joke otherwise I'd be so miffed I couldn't type.

Today is the first day this month the sun is out (71° in August?!) Maybe Arkansas can now start exporting it's excess to Louisiana.

"Arkansas' weather"

Didn't you get the memo, it's called 'Climate Insecurity' (or was it shyness?) now. (71? Could you put that in English? or even Kelvin)

I may have been told about the slight dampness occurring near you by a laydee acquaintance in Pocahontas (I only started speaking to her because I'd never met anyone who claimed to live in an Indian before).

In English?

Near "long-johns" weather!

Hain't you ever met Elizabeth Warren? Ah Pocahontas Arkansas, fond memory from the 70s - me and a friend were there for a basketball game. Some locals took exception to something I said and appeared to be about to open a can of whoopass.

Coincidentally basketball season occurs at the same time as deer season. I happened to have an M-1 carbine in the car. They retreated.

Despite my effort at a James Bond getaway there happens to be a big ol' river separates their county from my county. My Vette was pretty capable but not like what I had in the hangar, and it's hard to outrun a Motorola anyway.

The cops had the bridge thoroughly stoppered.

But they couldn't find the clip.

I ain't been back.

I'm probably being my usual slow self but ... Elizabeth Warren? If it's who I think you mean, I'd run (hobble) as fast a s possible to get away (assuming her minders didn't shoot me out of hand) - not that I would voluntarily go anywhere near Mass.

M-1? Ah yes, I may, no honestly your honour it wasn't me, have purchased a Camp Perry centennial set (cached in/under a friends gun -room, along with the M25, AI AW, and whatever anybody says there aren't a FAMAS, AUG, SA80 A2 and a H&K PSG1 there too ;-) ).

Basketball and Deer season? So the Democrats go to the game ...? Oh, and your life sounds like an episode of 'Justified' at times.

Just wondering why you didn't 'make a break' for Missouri? (that's what it's called isn't it, going 'on the lam' - what with your 'shine experience I would've thought James Bond would have been left standing since you were [obviously] driving an orange 69 Charger - or am I being deluded by the stereotype? Please don't shatter my illusions, tell me you really do all call them 'Smokey' and have The Dixie/Southern Cross painted on your car/house/shorts).

The basketball game was on the southside of town - nearest the river. Woulda had to go toward the copshop to get to Misery. Escaping to another state woulda added "Interstate Flight to Avoid Prosecution" (and that woulda in turn, made moot no [apparently] ammo.)

The car was actually a '72 AMX - but I figured you wouldn't know what that was - the manufacturer went outta business years ago. The AMX actually was quicker through the quarter than the Vette - and that's what's important in such situations. Being "fast outta the gate" in such situations having advantages over "achieving top speed." Dark blue and very little chrome was my style then - so no Dukes of Hazzard accoutering to mess with stealth.

Nowadays stealth doesn't figure very much into my stuff - still, I make all efforts to maintain "low-profile" as feasible. I don't "do crowds" for instance as I at one time might've. I'm no longer nimble.

One thing I should clear up.

Arkansas' Democrats are very different animals from Coastal Democrats - simple matter of History. As a practical matter, Arkansas in the not-so-far-past elected Democrats but expected them to legislate as Republicans. Still holds for the vast majority of our county & state level electeds.

Here where I spend the most time for instance - should I take a hankerin' to go squirrel hunting with a full-auto, the only people I know who have such are Democrats.


Thank You So Much!

One, I hadn't heard of the AMC AMX, Javelin, before - but now I want one (69 is prettier but 74 [with Go pack] is more .. me). Just one question, 72, new - in which case they pay you fly boys way too much (and I can call you 'old man' since my licence wasn't active till some many months later). For the record I too followed the Q-car philosophy of anonymity - BMW M5 of each generation (possibly current cars Morgan 4+4 in BRG, 911 RSR and Matt Black Range Rover fail at that - but my image needs all the help it can get since, other than height, I'm ignored by everyone now - especially the ladies [sounds of quiet, heartfelt but definitely macho, sobbing in the background]).

Second, I fell for your link and disappeared down that fascinating rabbit-hole for hours. Still I suppose USN needs to keep a low profile when in the middle of USAF territory (you wear the wrong gang colours at your peril - ask DD what it's like as a Para at Catterick, never mind Brize). I almost developed enough interest to consider (maybe, possibly) visiting Little Rock - just to say I survived it (T-shirt slogan - 'I visited Arkansas and got away without squealing like a hog!').

Well Able, nowadays [and since I "grew up"] I drive the traditional pickup. Although I'll add (since I've kept pretty mum with "the locals" I frequent this place) even tho' it's fire-engine red - under the hood/bonnet it's not like one that's available direct from the manufacturer. And it's the smaller size. "Smaller" don't matter much for a feller like me - I can "stay with the curves" as they say 'Over-Here' no matter the terrain (but I do have the additional "Reputation").

Lift the hood and it's obvious the engine came from someplace else - Camaro Vor-Tech actually. Suspensions heavily modified - similar to Formula One (I don't do much gravel and certainly no off-roading). Have to add an "additive" to my gas/petrol - idling at a stop-sign isn't actually much of a "giveaway" but I do take care not to jackrabbit in populated places. But out on the open-road when some youngster comes up on my rear in his "tricked out" - when upon reaching a straight-stretch - I "almost" feel young again, genuine pleasure as his image fades to zero in my rear-view.

USAF territory?

You haven't heard of NAS Memphis? 'Course likely not - usually only a buncha P-3 ASW Orions there - a secretive lot at that.

Heck. Visit Pocahontas. Memphis is one hop from the coast. I'll pick you up. Wear clean underdrawers tho. Might want to fast.

This entire conversation sounds like Raylan Givens meets James Bond!

Can I be Raylon - Bond only ever gets a PPK.

In actuality I am probably closer to Q (the John Cleese version) or Mr Bean.

Nice to see you back from your sojourn as a Domestic God - bake anything nice?

JK I'm supposed to visit Dallas (I only agreed after someone told me Janine Turner lives near there) to talk about something or other with someone or other, I may take you up on the offer (and drop off your Red cross parcel) and divert on my way there/back. (Rhinestones aren't compulsory are they?)

Dallas'd be fine too - I'm frequently "needed" in Austin.

'Cept I'll be in a helo. Texas doesn't allow me to drive there.

OK but absolutely NO playing of Die Walküre or Fortunate Son over the PA whilst flying.

Texas don't 'lowe me to flyest neither. I drives to Fort Baptist 'n they pick me up - which Able - I think you'd find pretty neat.

Buts usually Army or Guard picks me up - Army's okay but if'n it's Guard you might still want to fast. Depends whether the lift comes off a NAS - then even I fast.

Marines "have a tendency" to want to impress me - I'm okay 'long as it's fixed-wing - not so much if a helo.

"Reputation" is a double-edged sword. (Too bad neither a AMX or a Tomcat is available for illustration - "sometimes" Marines make me think I'm trying out for the Mercury Program.)


Inter-service posturing occurs/ed here too. Probably nothing close to your experience but I've had 'rides' in a Lightning (ours not yours), a Jaguar, a Buccaneer, a Tornado and a Harrier over the years (usually a cordial 'let's see if we can make the other service type cry' situation) for which my acting nonchalant skills were strained to the limit. For 'white knuckle, did I pack a spare pair of drawers in my webbing' terror nothing beats the madmen driving Lynx (except possibly that one episode of being landed on a destroyer deck, in 12' swells, by a, definitely certifiable, Wasp pilot).

I have the 'bored but wistful' expression that so annoys anyone trying to impress off pat, which can work both ways, they either try harder or give up and sulk.

Nowadays though, I get dizzy if the No. 36 bus goes too fast over a bump - isn't aging wonderful? (although I did recently fall asleep in C-130 pre-drop - it impressed the young bucks no end, not to mention my apparently uncanny ability to land within 5' of the truck home - truth is I'm old and needed a nap before the exertion of standing up with the extra weight of a shute, and had to make sure I was near as walking any further and I'd have collapsed. When I was young I always watched with awe the economical actions of an old hand - now I know it was because they were too tired to chance wasting any more than the bare minimum energy.)

... truth is I'm old and needed a nap before the exertion of standing up with the extra weight of a shute, and had to make sure I was near as walking any further and I'd have collapsed. When I was young ...


When I was "young" I was er, "justified" I reckon - but that Able was mostly bullshit on my part, couldn't see aways out of it as it happened, I was small making big but that was back in the days when "Justices of the Peace" operated that don't happen anymore much.

Mention Able to your "Lay-dee" friend "Bridgeway" 'n see if there's a reaction. Mind. I'm just lookin' for a pat answer.

I'm still the same guy yet not the same. Some people breathe and some people don't, that's just the natural way of things. I did stuff and for some it didn't turn out good - hopefully for some it turned out pretty good. It's a fine thing in the sense I've learned from Duff.

Life's a Bitch - and then you die.

(I'm doing my best to avoid that - I'm choking my chicken oftener than not. Figure I'll be the next Methuselah.)


Ok, did, and all she said (after berating me for 17 lines for not writing sooner) was to mention a facility in which I could both get a job (second part of career) and benefit from enrollment - didn't quite follow her reasoning (not unusual since she's, obviously, a female).

After an arguement with small pieces of flying metal (the .. er, second time - careless of me I know), I developed CRPS (or RSD as it was known then) for two years (REALLY! NOT FUN) necessitating similar services (until I called in a favour, for which I am still paying - the grasping greedy b'steward, and spent a week in Lympstones decompression chamber).

Oh, and both 'less of the Raylan quips - DD meant me, you're Bond, and it's 'Life's a bitch and then if you have money, good looks, nice car, a selection of witty one-liners, ... (apparently chloroform, alcohol and drugs don't count) ... you marry one'. Since I, again obviously, have none of the above (except for the drugs, alcohol and I know where to get some chloroform) I'm still looking - searching the world even.

Andra, was that 'interesting' about me? If so was it a good interesting, in which case do you know any desperate, short-sighted, tone-deaf, single ladies, or bad, in which case I'll have to add Australia to the countries I can no longer safely visit.


I reckon she does live "in an Indian."

An' that's all I have to say about that. [Forrest Gump.]

I have read down the comments thread, but I am at work, so there have been interruptions. I hope I am remembering correctly. I believe that it was Mr. Envelope who asked whether there were possible disciplinary actions to be taken against a prosecutor gone wild. The answer is that, indeed, there are. Mike Nifong, the guy who tried to railroad three Duke University students for the rape of a stripper, even the one who had an ATM receipt for the time of the alleged rape, and no DNA from either one who lacked an ATM receipt was found in the stripper, was disbarred. He'll never practice law again, and, since prosecutor is often an entry level office in American politics, he's quite unlikely to have a political career in this life. Sometimes, justice really is served.

Florida politics can be a bit demagogic, which is why we see grandstanding prosecutions like this, there and in some other states with a reliable electoral bloc who can be herded by such tricks. Still, I think that Madamned Corey will receive legal retribution in the next few months.

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