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Tuesday, 27 August 2013


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Well, the fat lady has not sung, yet, although we may hear her warming up. Holder is trying to stymie voter ID laws, just like the ones everyone else in the world has. That he is doing this is pretty good prima facie evidence that they know they stole the last one, and don't want us to stop them doing it again. They want the whole country to play by Chicago rules. Pray for us. We do continue to struggle.

Every word in your post is true. This isn't the country I once knew. Our media is dishonest, our popular culture is decadent, our legal system is criminal, our tax laws are designed to keep people poor, and now our immigration laws are designed to change the nation's voting profile. The worst news I've come across recently is that the Obama administration plans to review how the universities are funded. Mark my words. Within years, schools will be funded based on their racial diversity (an unquestioned good), and their political conformity. Then it's the end.

You do know how to cheer people up, don't you. Always a ray of sunshine DD.

I wonder though. All you say is true, and yet... The US is just that, a union of States (and from recent travels, whilst there are many cultural consistencies, they vary as much as do the countries of Europe). Whilst the 'federales' are speeding in the direction indicated, the States (or at least some of them) appear to be trying to apply the breaks. Go far enough and, whilst secession as has been discussed here before may be too far, I can see certain States saying enough is enough. Congress and the judiciary have fallen (been corrupted), will the States stay the fight?

The 'O' will go soon and I wonder whether the 'Dhimmcrats' can count on any more than their core voters (blacks, hispanics and pantywaists), the womens vote gave them the game before, but 2016? For me the issue is not that The US or we 'come to our senses' but the creeping 'progress'. Until such time as it becomes the norm to strike down laws as often as create them, we're all on a down-hill ride.

Thank you , Gentlemen, for your comments. I'm pushed for time today so I am unable to respond in detail. At least 'over here' we still have a slim, very slim, chance of pulling out of the EU - but will we take it? 'Over there' I gain the impression that it's all over bar the shouting - or God help us, the shooting!

'Over there' I gain the impression that it's all over bar the shouting - or God help us, the shooting!

I've noticed David, when you're talking about us over here, and your "religico punctuation sense" gets included, you always Capitalize.

When your speaking to the "Home Audience" you don't do that.

Just won[dear]ing - Dear Boy You & our Obama got something even Cameron hasn't a clue of?

& what? I've never given you the Gomers?

Once again, JK, 'you talk with tangled tongues'! And apart from the rest of it what or who are "the Gomers"?

What a depressing post.

All the more so because so much of it is true - the title especially.

One feels - and is - completely powerless.

Oh, and Michael Adams - no voter ID laws in the UK. Postal votes are available on demand, and sometimes dozens of them are delivered to one address, to be completed and returned by heaven knows who.

And don't get me started on the gerrymandering of constituency boundaries to bias things to the Left.

Gomer Pyle?

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