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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


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Ironically, O'Boy's voice, a failed attempt to speak in a Gullah accented English, just sounds like the Democrap politicians of my childhood, segregationists to the end.

My aunts lived, and my and cousins live, in Atlanta, GA, and virtually every last one of them has a quiet disgust for the hustler, fraud, con man, satyromanic. Pick one, or pick two.

Of course, no one dares say so on this side of the water.

The evils of racial inequality can be traced back to the greed of a few, or, going back even further, to the greed of another few, who sold slaves more profitably across the Atlantic than across the Sahel. (The latter, of course, made it up in volume.)Or, we could fast forward to politicians (the Redemption movement, which sounds religious, but was anything but that)who needed a convenient devil, to gain control of the Democrap Party and the State and local governments in Southern states. But, no, we must follow the Marxist paradigm, with villains and victims, neither changing, nor learning, ever. A real problem of a hundred and twenty years ago, or fifty years ago, has devolved into something else, but can not be approached in anything but the damned Marxist mental strait jacket.

There's a great deal more to be said, but this is Wednesday, vent tubing change day.

Or, if we really get into the idea of history as a kind of group etiology, slavery came to North America, because the London companies that sponsored the colonies, and, later, the British government, sort of rigged the game, making the colonies cash poor, and then, when we threw off that yoke of horrible oppression, we got busy and fashioned our own, called the Protective Tariff. It worked like a charm, keeping the South cash poor, and enriching the manufacturing North.

Slavery is cruel and horrible and all that, an affront to the dignity of slave and master, and it is maddeningly inefficient. The slave holders, including the Black ones, (Yes, there were several hundred of those, too)may have been greedy, but they would have cheerfully changed to free labor, if they'd had the chance. It's cheaper, you see, to pay people only when they are working. Slaves had to be fed, even in the nine months of the year that not so much labor was needed.

Later on, in the last couple of decades before the War Between the States, the South developed a mythos about the Master and his "people". They hunted foxes and raced horses and had parties, and told themselves that they were the benefactors and protectors of the slaves, who just couldn't get along on their own, don't you see? If I sound a little scornful, well, sorry. My family are solid, certified Rednecks, Southern upland free farmers. The term 'Redneck' BTW, was coined by the slaves, to express their contempt for the free farmers, who worked their own fields and got sunburned, especially on the neck. In the coastal plain and Mississippi delta, where the plantations were,there was usually an extra woman slave who cared for the children and they learned to talk from 'Mammy.' Their speech is also Gullah influenced, and their 'R' is soft, sort of like some British ones. The upland people pronounce our 'R' sharply enough to cut our corn bread, just as our ancestors did in Northern Ireland and some parts of rural England.

Living as I do in a more integrated world, I have no innate hostility to Black people. My Redneck ancestors were not so broad minded. They resented the people who brought down the price of labor, the ones who worked for nothing. "What?" you say, "They had no choice!" Well, who ever told you that prejudice had to be logical? The poorer a person was, the more he would resent Blacks. Redemption gained control of most Southern political offices by making a deal with those poorest whites. "We'll protect you from the Negro, if you'll vote us into office, where we'll restrict the franchise, unfortunately cutting y'all out, too, but thass OK (stet), we'll be protecting you from the Negro." After 1892, there were very few Blacks who voted, much less got elected to office, until the 1960's. The ones who did vote, voted Republican, including the King family. I'll say that much for them.

When Redemption politicians passed ordinances requiring segregation of the street cars, the companies refused, until the executives of the street car companies were threatened with jail. It's bad business to piss off half your customers. My point in this is that segregation was political, and most of what the Civil Rights laws did, in 1964 and 1965, was to nullify segregation laws and ordinances. Oh, there were notorious cases of people who held out, but most people just went along with desegregation, as their grandparents had gone along with with segregation.

So, here we are, today, with so much drama, written for a Marxist stage, about "White Devils" and White Hispanics and all the rest of the effluvia of political propaganda, but having barely a nodding acquaintance with what actually happened. King led a bus boycott in Montgomery. Many cities and towns simply desegregated the buses when groups of local Black ministers asked them to do so. Racism is as ugly as any other bigotry, but the histrionics of the whole matter are counter productive, and, really intended to herd people to vote one way or another, poor and ignorant whites for a Redemptionist, poor and ignorant Blacks for another damned Communist. Just shut up and go away!

Might, Michael Adams, want to bookmark this.

Well, Michael, you certainly went in for some, er, 'venting', tube or otherwise!

The pity of it all is that it seems to me from a distance that America was getting over the black/white divide fairly well right up until a black president was elected. It's been downhill ever since!

David, you are more right than you could possibly know!

JK, thanks for that link. I suppose you have read The Stolen Village, by Des Ekin? I can not remember the name, but y'all will probably know of an English coastal town that suffered a slave raid in the 19th century.

Our Rector's Fourth of July sermon is usually a hum dinger, but, in '09, he really outdid himself. The OT reading that Sunday was from Jeremiah, the part about Israel after the government and army were taken away into captivity. The home group I had founded had done a months-long study of that book, a few years earlier, back when I was still in the Knee Jerk Liberal Church. (The Congregationalists)So my memory of the excellent sermon is interspersed with my musings on a book about a country doing really stupid stuff for decades and then getting essentially destroyed. Israel may have complained about her government before that, but the ones who remained came to know what life is like, in a country without a government. Anyone who wanted slaves, knew Israel was the handiest place to get them.

While we have a deeply iniquitous government at home, we are seeing the realization of what I predicted, before the O'Boy was in power, in terror raids with impunity. If the Union really does fall apart, I strongly suspect that millions of people will flock to Texas, for the relative safety, as we quickly organize into yeoman militias. We have a common history, here. Those guys with their bows blocked most of the Viking slave raiding, half a millenium before they were stopped in Ukraine. AND, when they kicked the dead Dane's head around afterward, and someone said, "Oy, kick it between those two trees over there," football was born.A glorious twofer!

OK, not Vikings any more, but Turks. Write in haste, edit at leisure?

I'd say that, for all my venting, I failed to make my point clear. The race problems were bad. The worst of them stopped when people just decided to STOP DOING THEM. The language and strategy of conflict are preferred, not because they are effective, but because conflict is the culture medium in which the bacteria of revolution are grown. With three quarters of any population having an IQ less than 110, the level below which most people can not deal with abstract concepts, revolution, riot, whatever, become very appealing tools to some really evil people in that upper quarter. A country that could elect a Black President, and might have re-elected him, even after he did an awful job in his first term, is not a racist country.

Allen West would probably make a very good President, but he is a Black Republican. The Dhimicrats hate him for being a traitor to the Revolution. The rest of the country might not vote for him because they are so sick of another Black President.

We might get Ted Cruz in. He is a very smart guy. He only met my wife twice, but remembered something she had said on the first occasion, when they met again, two years later. Yes, she is smart, too, and her pronouncements are surely memorable, although he may not be as impressed as some would be by,"The garbage needs to go out NOW."He's really quick, thinks on his feet,and has adapted his views on immigration from what they were when we first met, five years ago, when he was a relative nobody. Adaptability is not spinelessness. It is listening to your prospective employers, including me.


You do realise that Both Mr. West and Mr. Cruz will now have drastic nose-dives in their careers? Anyone who has anything nice said about them on here at DDs is ... toast. Fact! (corollary - if it's DD who says it - they'll probably die).

Oh, and have you perchance written a book or two? Your prose is hauntingly familiar (in style if not content).

Dickens? Paid by the word.:0). Or worse yet, Bulwer-Lytton? "It was a dark and stormy night."

I'm not worried about the health of either man. Ted Cruz gained a bit of weight in the senatorial campaign, but, although I have only seen him on television in the past few months, he seems to have lost it. West is still Army strong. Even if I were twenty years younger, I would not want him for an enemy.

As for their popularity, they have much higher mountains to climb than your endorsement. The media (remember, calling them 'Lefty' is redundant)will try everything. I told young lawyer Cruz, five years ago, that if he manages not to be caught in bed with a live man or a dead woman, or a chicken of either persuasion, we'll do our damnedest to make him President. The media managed to convert little old ladies* in folding lawn chairs, the TEA partiers, into a violent mob, so I suppose they could make Cruz the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. OTOH, we did vastly increase Republicans in the House in 2010. Knowing how dirty they fought last fall, I can hope that we shall be better prepared next time. A great many people are voicing suspicions that the Obama crowd have some sort of blackmail hold on John Roberts, and probably Boehner, too. Cruz is squeaky clean. They are digging up stuff from his Princeton years, and it's very thin gruel. This brilliant young Baptist lawyer, married happily to Heidi the Hot, is going to be extremely invulnerable to these kinds of pressures. He believes what he says, and he says it so well, it is almost impossible to distort him.

Well, "Put not your trust in princes." However, within those limits, I am sold on Cruz.

*Some of them even older than ME.

Here's another Michael:,33661/

Perhaps his main worry should be what 'his own side' does - they do seem to have the most amazing ability to shoot themselves in the foot.

You sure got that right, Bubba.

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